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    Beautiful LL, such a fan of those pops of blue. The blue queue lines as roofs are genius. So refined and elegant, I want my LL to look like this.

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    The way everything is framed here is fantastic, and those queue path details, such a good idea. Just the right amount of bright color accents.

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    Actually let me adjust my glasses this is Santorini

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    I think your one tile wide experiment is turning out really successful for this map. Great cluster of buildings.

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    Sweet stuff.  Familiar forms and ideas but with a good amount of experimenting to mix it up.  That's a cool looking mine train,  I especially like that little pop over the rooftops after what looks to be a big ass helix.


    The peach supports are a bold choice considering the typical roof texture used in tandem.  It works well though and really incorporates the ride into the building clusters.  One suggestion would be to try an alternative vanilla support color or a differently colored custom support structure (more flying coaster track?) for the section across the water on the top right.  It's the only part that breaks the effect and you opted for that on the diagonal which looks great. 


    The pathing feels very intentional and well integrated;  almost scenario like.  It takes a deft hand to use that many tent objects and not have it feel like too many.  Queue line is under-explored as an awning and texture option.  It provides some great splashes of blue here.  Sweet bridge as well,  with the larger tunnels and river rapid effect.


    I enjoy a good use of urban textures when they can be fit in.  It works well here,  could almost use a little more.  Possibly on the single tile blue queue line with white walls that have path directly under them.


    Love it.

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    blue color motif works so well here. big fan of this

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    Amazing screen but it makes me sad that I can't run LL

  • Xeccah%s's Photo

    this is really the first screen of this project i can get behind, i just wish the rest of the park was this legible and had such strong architectural motifs to make everything work.

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    Why does all the foliage in this park suck so hard, Liam

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    Thanks guys, happy with the reception to this screen. Milo, thanks for the in depth feedback. I can make some adjustments! Steve, fuck you. Are the poplars too scattered? This is semi-arid vegetation. Lots of shrubbery. Really though, what would you like to see changed?

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    I like this screenshot, we would like to see the park in action!

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    Very good.
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    BAC 0.08
  • posix%s's Photo

    Quite nice.


    Personally not too keen on the queue as cover. Would probably have stuck to using virginia reel all throughout.

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    You really have a knack with LL, this is awesome. 

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    This is great.

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