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    Love the cranes made from the pagodas. Really unique spin on a classic LL trick.

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    Channeling the cozy quaintness of LL well! 

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    Less Steve trees, man.

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    wait I think I'm having a stroke

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    Lots of cool little things in here. I really like the way the raft/river ride station is tucked in there,  and how the mini golf canvas continues the motif. The crane ideas is simple and clever and new combos like that are always fun to see,  especially when they work so well. 


    I like the idea of the window at the entrance of the space rings as a "sign".  Too bad about the glitches but it's unavoidable.


    That's an interesting way to do the bridge with the river rapids to get the supports how you want.  Chair lift and zero clearance water might accomplish the same look although if you want the current ripples that's cool.  Perhaps one more quarter tile tree type mixed in there might be good.  I don't love the wood under the flat as a one-off,  maybe have it be a dock texture under some of the pathing or play around with some colored wall textures there.

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    Thanks guys. I agree with Milo on the wood under the flat, I think I will redo that with more patience. Same for the bridge, I've been going with quick solutions for most stuff here... But there are also some things elsewhere on the map that require more patience to put together, so I should extend the same effort across all the map for consistency.

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    So retro. Looks like a duo with Lurker. Quite nice. I like the colours.


    Sometimes it can be nice to use the suspended monorail station instead of minigolf. I think I want to remember since it's a unit higher, it was less fussy to hack path through it, but I could be wrong.

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