Screenshot / Antwerpen Centraal


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    comment below
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    hot damn

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    I think my vote on this park may be somewhat controversial, but this screenshot is all I need to justify it.

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    Where's the limit? Astonishing!

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    Like a solid 70, I reckon.

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    This station was nuts, well done dude. When you cranked out that facade I was in awe lol.

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    not bad

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    Like a solid 70, I reckon.


    Yeah, #overdetailed

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    wow, seeing new things everytime i come back

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    In awe of this structure!

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    0/10, did not recreate my office :p

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    Insane dude

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    Jesus lord. Holy shit. Is there anything you're not good at Leon? Please never stop playing this game and sharing your talent with us, we are not worthy but we are grateful. Amen.

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    Damn dude, save some for the rest of us.

    Also... really love the cutaway and the support structures.

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