Screenshot / Ethiopian terraces


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    This is insane. Huge fan of the layered look. Half diagonals working well in your favor here!

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    Impeccable. You and Turtle still got it 11 years after Corsair

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    The more I view this angle, the more I love it. Beautiful spaghet

  • Hex%s's Photo

    Easily my favorite area in the park, with the dam being a respectful second.

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    My favorite area as well, super impressive and cool.

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    i want to live here and ride mine train all day long

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    Amazing stone work, love the angles (Especially how subtle the half-diagonals are). 

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    What I really enjoy about this is that you didn't inherently stray away from a lot of modern conveniences and design options, while approaching this from a motif-based philosophy of yore. Sometimes less is more, and that doesn't just mean detail, it also means less fetishization of some perceived level of accuracy to focus more on making effective rct.

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    ride mine train all day long love you long time

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    Huge fan of this. This was my favourite moment in the park.

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    Probably my favorite piece of the entire round

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