Screenshot / Sunset Farms


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    Lovely screen Lurker, your CSO is getting better and better and im all here for it!

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    This feels like a really nice natural progression for your style into CSO. I love the realistic road and housing infrastructure. Nice work!

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    Looking great Lurker! Here welcoming you into the land of RCT2!

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    This looks awesome, can't wait to see the whole thing. 

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    I love that barn- so fun. Adorable screen
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    I really like it, and I kinda hope this is a large area that we can explore. I think the road/infrastructure can use some more detail. Not to be photorealistic, it's just missing something right now. Maybe traffic signs? Also it's impressive that you made this foliage work. Normally I'd advise against using trees in wacky/unnatural colors, but it works here.

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    Love the little tractor train.

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