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    Foliage looks kind of bland. I think its too many of the dark green trees, needs more variation. The station roof is really high, too high I think. I not sure if you've heard of the invisible huts hack, but that will clean things up a lot here.


    Still, its a nice screen overall 

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    invisible huts are usually the last things i do in a park, mainly because otherwise parks get boring. i'll see if i can add another colour of tree or underbrush in there

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    I agree with Mattk, another tree type would do wonders. 

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    I agree with the underbrush. Otherwise very pretty.

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    The way you do your custom supports is... strange. You could make most of them line up better by using half-tile instead of quarter- and full-tile objects.

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    To quote what you said to me on reddit, you haven't got enough variation of trees or of colours.


    You only have 3 tree types (4 if you count bush that is essentially a smaller version of the bushy tree) and the colours aren't very varied. It feels very unnatural. I also think the large grass object needs to be another colour, right now it's very bright.


    Nice turnaround though, consider what Ling says with the supports, they could be done better.


    I'm interested in the woodie with the mine train cars lol

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    You need way more different bushes. There's only like two or something around the trees and its ugly.

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    The transition from the tall grass into the forest needs to be smoother, it's really abrupt right now. Also, the extremely distinct lines between the beach and both the water, and surrounding foliage could be fixed too. Don't be afraid to extend those roof pieces over the water a little, and make different shapes, or to expand your foliage a little bit onto the sand tiles. Doing a couple of these things should help to make it look a lot more natural.

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    I don't really like those hedge fences... there's nothing wrong with using them sometimes but it shouldn't be so abrupt and noticeable.

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    would something like this work? i'm going to replace some of the waterplants with rockwork



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    No, its not very strong rockwork, and it doesn't have a reason to be there except "I wanted some rocks there"

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