Screenshot / "Vet Hard" Turnaround


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    Nice. Not keen on the large mesh fence though, would look pretty ugly in reality.

  • Liampie%s's Photo
    I love how intimidating that looks. Shame about the ugly fences and grass underneath. Ran out of ideas?
  • sneakyfrankie94%s's Photo

    Agreed with the large fence being a bit ugly. I'd exchange that for a lower wooden post or likewise fence with bushes and flowers beneath

  • Lotte%s's Photo

    inspired by the closed down coaster at the nürnburg ring?

  • inthemanual%s's Photo

    What I'd do is have games or stalls on the two sides of the fence that meet in a right angle, and I'd have an ice cream cart/stall diagonally on the bit facing the water. would liven this up a lot without obstructing such a cool element.

  • Coasterbill%s's Photo

    I love the coaster itself but agree that the surroundings need some color.

  • conkerlfc%s's Photo

    Coaster looks great, but I'm loving that restaurant in the back, it looks stunning. The closed umbrellas are a neat idea, really adds to the atmosphere in my opinion. 

  • Roomie%s's Photo

    I assume this will operate for 4 days, break down, close and never reopen again?


    I really like it. Agree about the double fence. but the plain grass is fine. It's not like peoples attention would be there is it? You'd be looking up. Wondering why the coaster wasn't running :p

  • Da_Cool%s's Photo

    I changed it.


    I added a bit of foliage, didn't want to add to much because I want the footers to be visible. I also tried changing the ground texture to rock, mudgrass and sand but it looked too unclean.

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    Maximum #datflow.


    Only thing I might do is give the random grasses and shrubs in there less obvious colors. The blood red and kind of seafoam green call a lot of attention to it rather than just giving an otherwise empty grassy section texture.

  • zxbiohazardzx%s's Photo

    i think you can remove the mesh fence and get a better looking result

  • G Force%s's Photo

    I dont think the fences are the issue, the foliage could be improved/thickened.  Changing the color will help, along with maybe using some thicker grass pieces.

  • Austin55%s's Photo

    Yea the foliage is nice but a bit random. But yea, overall awesome screen. The flow is sexy.

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