Screenshot / BoomerANG? i hardly know her


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    There is a patch of foliage beneath the curve of the spiral coasters brake run that looks quite angular.

    With that said, this is fast becoming my favourite up and coming project. Looks absolutely amazing. I'm blown away with the way you manage to match traditional objects like the dinosaurs, cacti and the hut with strict realism.

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    That boomerang is beautiful. Love the curved walkway under the cobra roll, and the custom supports are fantastic.
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    Love how minimalist, but detailed it is at the same time. Not too many extra decorations, just the needed ones here. Like a little small budget park should. Beautiful!

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    Love the coaster colours!

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    Your touch for "grit" is quite unique. I love the stylistic AJ niche you've found and are exploring now. A pleasure to see each time.

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    dino steps peak

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