Screenshot / Iconoclast (coaster) and Rad van Beroerten (Enterprise)


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    comment below
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    oooooh... is this the green name? It might be possible!

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    Your future wife and kids will be proud of this screenshot.
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    Looks very nice. Great atmosphere. I would suggest maybe using somew bigger lamps here.

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    You're screens are getting better and better and this is no exception. Great station and I adore the coaster colors. Also good placement of the enterprise, though it looked better on the screen you shared on discord.

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    Would agree with what RWE said, but I'm a fan of bigger lampposts overall.


    The tower next to the coaster station is so good. Overall, you make the HP roof throughout work really well with the embellishments to that piece, like the railings and corner posts. Big fan of that.

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    nice interaction
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    LOVE that station, sick arches 

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    Lots of new fresh things going on with the Faas charm still in place.

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    That ride and coaster interaction is so good. Love the guest sightlines too, a great immersive experience for peeps and great atmosphere all over. 

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    LOVE that station, sick arches 

    Was thinking it reminded me of your style! Awesome stuff Faas, really love seeing you evolve like this.

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    Enterprise corner seems a bit tight but overall I really like this. Great work, Faas.

  • Description

    The iconoclastic fury refers to a wave of attacks in the summer of 1566 that spread rapidly through the low countries. During these spates of iconoclasm, Catholic art and decoration were destroyed in unofficial or mob actions by Calvinist Protestant crowds as part of the Protestant Reformation. Most of the destruction was of art in churches and public places.

    In 1567, King Philip II of Spain appointed Alba governor of the Netherlands and tasked him with the suppression of Dutch rebels. Alba instituted the Council of Troubles (Raad van Beroerten), which led to the condemnations of thousands and came to be known as the "Council of Blood".

    Happy new year!

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