Screenshot / De Vergulde Draeck


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    Fucking love it, every screen you post is better and better. You seem to have found a way that combines detailism with your cute style.

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    Lovely screen. Can't believe you made a custom flat though, who even are you?

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    damn this is great. so much detail and atmosphere

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    Is there a reason you are not using the CTR for the swinging ship?

    This is fantastic though, I love seeing the evolution of your style recently.
  • Faas%s's Photo
    Thanks for the kind words. I tried the CTRs but I found one a bit too wide/plastic looking. It didn't match the RCT asthetics. And the other one is themed after an ancient Greek ship.
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    Big fan of this. Can definitely tell you had a ton of fun building this map. Lots of details to take in. And as somebody who's guilty of using custom palettes, I applaud the default look here. It just works.


    Can't wait to see the full map!

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    Probably my favorite work from you Faas! Love everything about this.

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    Excellent work with trims, great layout and very lively, fantastic stuff.

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    There's a reason I don't doubt your parkmaking chops anymore. I first realized this in that assumingly scrapped tivoli project. The use of color here is second to only perhaps Liam and Leon as far as dutch players go, and I love that you stay true to yourself. You don't stray away from the faas tells (esp the scaling), and it makes your stuff unique.

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    Thanks. The Tivoli project is definitely not scrapped!
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    As everyone else has been saying, what I really adore about this project is the level of execution is far beyond what you've done in the past yet it still has that classic Faas energy. I can see myself in that square and the water coaster interaction is fantastic. Keep it up!

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    All the stuff that you do best, but elevated. 

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    This is so great Faas. Really a great blend with your style, and modern building. It gives me so much Efteling vibes.

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