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    One of my favorite layouts of the contest, possibly my favorite? Smooth as silk. Forest-y. While there is obviously some room for refinement, I was happy to see you finish this design. Do you plan on polishing the park, and then submitting it to NE?

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    this is an incredible layout, Robbie/Gee level if you ask me

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    thank you but I dont think ill revisit this one. 

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    Agreed the layout is really fantastic, honestly think it's worth trying to re-use somehow/someway.  It deserves it!

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    Only just saw this, layout is amazing indeed, worth recycling if you're not happy with the surroundings. I must say the architecture seems confused between more traditional lodge style stuff and modernist stuff as seen in pants SolarWing Skyway. The combination isn't working. But who cares, all eyes on the coaster.

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    Agree with Liam. Love the attempts at the solarpunk architecture but it does clash with the surrounding archi in a weird way. Layout rips. Please reuse it. Don't abandon a layout Leon literally compares to goddamn Robbie and geewhzz.

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    The layout is really great, a rough diamond if you ask me. Otherwise i agree with Liam, i think the theming is nice and all, but in my opinion it needs some more direction. Difficult to see what its supposed to represent. Also the green coaster color choice is something i wouldn't do especially with such a good layout and so much gras in behind.

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