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    I knew that one building was Scooby-themed from the color scheme alone - the description only confirmed it. However, there are far too many trees here to the point where the park is getting lost in them... guests would have a very difficult time seeing most of the Hanna-Barbera-themed attractions, and we cannot see the guests except for a few glimpses of visible path. Give us some negative space as well so that we may experience more of the lovely buildings you've constructed! 

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    I feel like the foliage is a little sparse
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    Really interesting, but I'd remove at least 75% of those trees! Can't see anything!

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    That coaster looks awesome, but definitely remove some trees, especially around the edges/paths to replace them with lower vegetation like shrubs/flowers etc.
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    I knew that the number of trees would be a criticism, but i like a shady park to keep the peeps comfortable.


    I used the open RCT2 feature to hide foliage to view the park activity in game play.

    This is the Fantasy Forest with no trees.

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    I like the tree density and I would keep that density even over buildings and paths, just not everywhere. There must be some selective tree deletion possible such that each building is viewable from one of the four angles in the game. Some more tree variation would be good too, but I really like the forest feel.
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    I have taken advice into consideration and elminated a number of trees on the park's iconic Mount Sona centerpiece (to be published soon)


    Does it help that the backstory is that the developer of this park is a tree nut and built it with every tree possible being conserved, and planted a tree for every tree cut down LOL

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    Other than not seeing the paths, I don't hate this.

  • Description

    Sonawinds features 12 themed areas depicting the USA (States of North America)

    The 2nd themed area is the Hanna-Barbera Fantasy Forest themed to classic American cartoons

    Rides and Attractions
    Flintstone Hot Rock Express (jr wooden coaster)
    Jetson Sprocket Rocket (jr shuttle coaster)
    Speed Buggy (tivoli coaster)
    Laff-A-Lympics (boat fantasy ride)
    Wacky Races (trackless fantasy ride)
    Boo Boo Choo Choo (railroad)
    Bamm-Bamm's Bouldercrash (jr bumper cars)
    Winnie Witch's Cauldrons (teacups)
    Motormouse (jr motorcycles)
    Autocat (jr cars)
    Squiddly Diddly (jr boats)
    Huckleberry's Air Show (jr bi-planes)
    Dastardly & Muttley's Flying Circus (jr skytower)
    Scooby Doo Mystery Museum (carrousel animatronic theater)
    Yogi's Jellystone Cave (fun house)

    Wilma & Betty's Brontoburgers
    Granny Sweets Treats
    Wally Gator's Lunch Basket

    Mr Peebles Pet Shop

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