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    Looks pretty good man. Submit this to the site! Would enjoy exploring (and cutting some of the trees)

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    It will be up in a few weeks.  There are some finishing touches left to do.

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    Colonial Harbour depicts the era of British rule in the coastal northeast.

    Chessie "the Beast of the East" (b & m multi-inversion, floorless coaster with 5 train operation)

    Cannon Fyre (intamin impulse coaster)

    Schooner Bay (mack hydroflume)

    Magika (illusion themed, omin-mover dark ride)

    Power Kegs (cuddle up, custom flat ride with no shoestringing)

    HMS Discoverie (huss ranger)

    King & Queen Opera House featuring "Celtic Celebration"

    Bay Harbour Inn
    Village Tavern
    Oaken Churn
    Tidewater Galley

    Colonial Craftspeople (doll maker, candle carver, glass blower)
    Cape Hataras

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