Screenshot / GCI at WIP 100x100 Park


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    Nice Improvement from when you posted this on reddit! Looking good. I'd love to see more grass in the in-field of the coaster. There is alot of brown right now.

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    Looks solid! Agree with Mr Brightside.. perhaps manicured grass in the middle areas could help lighten up this area. Great layout though. Looking forward to seeing more. 

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    it looks really GCI good work nice layout

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    It's a well done twister style layout. I don't have much new to add.

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    That lay-out is great! 


    I also agree with with MrBrightside and Otter said about the grass.

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    Full layout of the GCI I posted last month, working on the log flume next to it now. Full area (about 1/4 of the park) is almost done! This is my first major build with CSO, so I'd appreciate more feedback (specifically with landscaping/foliage). Thanks!

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