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    solar panels aren't very scary


    (and are usually blue)

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    I love everything about the little turnaround, the enterprise, and its queue, but the rest of the screen is... meh. The plaza outside the haunted mansion seems out-of-place, and the elevator housing should be a little more "solid".

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    So NCSO with custom supports?
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    [ntamin22' timestamp='1394584229' post='634764']
    solar panels aren't very scary
    (and are usually blue)

    They cant be seen from inside so I dont give a shit if they are scary or not. And they look bad with blue ;)


    @Corcscrewy: Seems like it.


    @Ling: Hm, I will have a look at it.

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    ich mag es wie der turn um den enterprise geht (INTERACTION) aber der Bereich vor dem Snack Restroom schaut n bissle komisch aus finde ich . 

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    In my opinion, the rapid stairs are overkill. And i'm not sure whether that's the right place for a haunted mansion. I feel a haunted mansion should almost be isolated, hidden in a dark forest or on the top of the hill. I feel that this just doesn't belong there.

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    I'm also not a fan of the solar Panels (cuase they simply doesn'tlook similar to the ones we have on our Roof..) nice idea, maybe try gray, but White doesnt fit..


    it's still a bit monotonous and sterile, try some more Color accents, Details and architecture fit each other.

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