Screenshot / Mystic Mountain - TNT


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    Sick loop placement

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    really like the couple of diagonal/half diagonal boxes you've got added, they do a lot for the feel overall. loop around path is always a winner too!


    i'm not a huge fan of the landscape color, specifically the transition between tan dirt and brown dirt - think if you can hide some of those transitions with a little of that grass/bushes it might feel slightly more organic?

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    Such a huge fan of this layout and the almost cartoonish theming around it. Was this Alex's layout or yours?

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    Nice station, great shapes. The foliage is a little old school. The square and triangle flowers don't cut it for me. The ruins look a bit glitchy. Somewhat bare. The asphalt pavement should probably extend to the bridge instead of having that awkward dirt area in the middle. Pretty lovely screen otherwise.

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    Classic Jappy

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    nice is that the map mystic mountain i love these parks go on but h2h slow down you a lot now

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