Screenshot / Intamin Impulse - Rogue Hearted


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    Loving the wooden roof + supports on the building on the left with the shops. And the supports on the coaster are nice too.

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    Not sure if I like the blue and yellow, it just doesn't fit in well (and I mean that in a bad way- I generally lve clashing colors/themes). I think the amount of gray is throwing everything off, muting this area a bit. Maybe some small splashes of colors (purples, yellows, perhaps) will help.

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    well, I like the color but the station kills overall atmosphere. It looks plane and uninteresting.
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    I agree with pierrot and nin. The purple station would look a lot better if there were some other patches of purple around the area. 

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    looks great
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    thats actually a fantastic screen, great stuff going on there

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    Thanks, gents.  I've tried putting in some different colors and I think it looks a little better.  The station (I agree) does need some work so I'll play around with some ideas for that.

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    Dark red for the supports, white for the track?

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