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    Love that station roof, and the entrance plaza for coaster. 

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    Nice station, but you should make it more clear where the queue entrance is.
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    so much good stuff here - the green color roof is excellent. perfect amount of trim and detail on the walls etc., really great colors also.


    feels quaint and intimate, and i want to see more

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    Really damn good work dude. Playing off Faas' comment, I at least feel like there's a natural cue towards the queue with the plaza and fountain but something like a decorative awning over the queue would give it a little more importance.

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    Very nice. Sweet Euro style theming. Love the integration with the brakes.

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    GG indeed! 


    I echo what Faas is saying, as the sign if off to the side but the actual queue entrance is at the plaza under the building. 


    Love the rust colors on the coaster!

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    I like the chain link fence at the top of the screen and everywhere. The station building reminds me of a house from a fairy tale about an evil wizard who had a cat.

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