H2H8 / H2H8 Round 5 Match 3 - The Replacements vs The Icons

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    As for the third paragraph, I didn't really mean to bring this up as an issue. You guys are free to moderate the site and discord as you choose.  You're certainly right that there are practical issues and it's difficult to find the right balance between law and lawlessness that everyone is okay with. I personally don't like some of the shit that goes on (thus my calling the community poisonous), but those are my personal feelings and my personal feelings shouldn't be imposed on the rest of the community.


    We would never impose your feelings on the community. ;) But since it's such a challenge, the only way to find a solution is probably through dialogue and feedback.

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    Moderating Discord, and the site in general, is another problem with two aspects to it. One: who has the time to moderate Discord 24/7?



    I understand that. I think everyone does. I know it's very time consuming, but maybe it's an idea to add a new member to the staff when you say it's hard to moderate 24/7. I think there are plenty of integer and experienced members prepared to help you out who can enlighten your work on the community. I'll try to help you out with aerials as much as I can, with all the time and motivation I have.




    Two: what would be an appropriate measure when a bitchfight occurs? Bitchfights are one reason some people don't want to spend time on NE. But on the other hand, the large degree of freedom people have at NE is also a traditional selling point that keeps some other people around. It's hard to find a good balance.


    If you mean the drama that happens after cheating is a bitchfight, I think that's a poor word choice. There is no balance when nothing happens. Freedom is good, but cheating or bitchfights should be tackled. What's happening now is that people who make drama get nothing (maybe not even a warning?), and people who go against it should shut up.


    If I were referee and I could go my own way, people who cheated would have a harder thime. Trav was too soft, so are you now. Not only in this case, but actually in general. I know it's not an easy task but it'll really help the future intergity of the community to stand up and indicate your limits.


    As Saxman said, you guys are free to moderate the site and discord as you choose. I love this community and its competitive character. But sometimes you have to choose control over freedom.

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    Stop complaining.
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    G Force, it's just rude of you to belittle someone's caring opinion as complaints or bitching, and to then forcefully mute any further discussion. I am re-opening this.
    Saxman, I'm with you on most accounts, and I'm unhappy too H2H needed to take a turn like this back then. I also agree with you the admins have been too soft on a number of occasions. But I can tell you it's sometimes impossible to prevent cheating when people have simply decided to do it.
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    I'm with g force on this, it's done it happened get over it and move on. I'm not condoning cheating but who the fuck cares almost a year after the contest happened. I do think standards moving forward should change.


    edit: sorry I didn't read his first post, that's wrong, but I still don't get why it's as big of a deal as it is now. 

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    Scoop, I think it’s important to document these issues on the site (see my post in the general thread), so we can do precisely what you said in your last sentence. Can’t make changes to the rules if there’s no memory of what happened last time.
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    you can document it but it's sounds so petty the way you presented (no offense). Luckily, most of the people who cheated don't care anymore and don't want to participate again. problem solved :p

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    Rediscovering Rediscovering H2H8
    I started this a year ago, time to finish it.
    Rediscovering H2H8
    It's been a while now. Time to re-view the H2H8 parks with a fresh eyes and not clouded with emotion. I'm going to view every H2H8 park and post one focused screenshot that stood out to me or that I think deserves more love.


    A much overlooked park, for understandable external reasons. Some really beautiful spots, like this little waterfront.

    Attached Image: fcfh.png


    The Apprenticeship didn't really come together for me despite some stellar content. Isolating some of that content with a cropped screenshot:


    Attached Image: tas.png


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