News / New Element is now back online (Discord transfer)

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    Since this is only available in Discord, I'm bringing it over to the site as a reference.

    And it's back with a vengeance. Thanks to the new server the site feels noticeably faster on my end, and I hope you will confirm this. After a long period of backing it up, uploading to the new host, and undertaking countless little fixes to ensure everything works right, we are super super happy to finally set it live again for everybody!! The main credit over these last couple of days goes to geewhzz for seeing through the transition, which wasn't as seamless as we'd hoped.
    One thing became extra clear to me when browsing a "locked" NE: The site needs you. It only really lives because of us all. Sure it's been nice to browse it as an archive, have all this RCT data so readily available. But the lack of everyone's input was just overly present, and resulted in a heavy soberness that I'm glad was temporary.
    So please all come!! All post your screens in the spirit of an RCT Fiesta like we used to do! All post your thoughts on people's parks and give them your votes! NE has hated this diet it's been on. So feed it!!!!
    To all Accolade Panelists, in this moment we are resuming the voting stage for the two parks currently awaiting your judgement:
    - Heckengäupark, a Spotlight submission by Version1, currently at 8 votes: https://www.nedesign...heckengaeupark/
    - The Cow Factory, a Design submission by MK98, currently also at 8 votes: https://www.nedesign...he-cow-factory/
    With that, we end the longest downtime the site has ever witnessed in its 18 years history. Thank you all for sticking around, helping out where you could, being positive, and patient, most of all.
    Long live NEW ELEMENT

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    Nice of you to post this, I was wondering what exactly was going on. Very happy the site's back! Let's hope it lives for (at least!) another 18 years!


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