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    Merry Christmas 2019


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    Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas New Element! It's that time of the year again, and what a year it has been! RCT-wise, at least. Let's not talk about the rest. Sticking to RCT, Santa has a lot of gifts to squeeze through your chimney this year.


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    First of all, ottersalad's much anticipated new park Marblehead is here. Using no custom scenery other than a palette, Marblehead is a very atmospheric, traditional park that shows some good development since otter's previous full scale park, Caer Hywel.



    Similarly nostalgic, but using more custom scenery, is Knot's Bessen Boerderij. René is someone who has been around for ages, but often in the background. Quietly, he has three Head-2-Head seasons under his belt, significantly contributing to the Tile Inspectors' championship winning effort in the most recent season even. His solo work is often built in the nostalgic Dutch realism school. Knot's Bessen Boerderij, a park started as part of De Concurrenten 3, is no exception, but underneath the layer of nostalgic object choices and Dutch tropes lies a park that meets all requirements for a great 2021 park.



    For those looking for something more avant garde... Splitvision's got you covered. Remember the murder mystery in Gangland, and the minigame in Realms of Dragonball Z? Splitvision has more tricks up his sleeve. Attack on SS Infinity is something new entirely, a game within a game, that could be worth millions of views if the right youtube account posted it.



    And last, but not least... The second edition of the New Element Flash Challenge is here! A short and sweet contest to help NE transition into 2022. Find out more here...


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    Kind seasonal greetings to you and your families, and all our best wishes.


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