General Chat / look everyone turtlemans girlfriend

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    hmmmm do you think he is lying.

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    I have many more pics of her too. I showed em to you. Anyone else wanna see, i.m. me.

    Btw, this should be moved in like polls or something.
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    Why? Why cant he have a hot girlfriend? Lay off the poor guy.
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    the only way to prove it is for him and her to be in the pic togeter.

    i'll put my money on her being his sister :lol:
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    What were you guys expecting this
    Posted Image.
    Just cause he may be fat, though last time i looked he wasn't the fat at all, doesn't mean his girl can't be hot.
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    No way in hell that Blob and that girl are from the same gene pool, or ocean for that matter...

    If you aren't lying, good job on that fine piece of ass...

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    Nick(turtleman) I don't mean to call you a liar or anything but from your past why should we believe you? you said like 5 people were your GF, made an SN on AIM and faked it and then used "SWIMFAN" as your GF pic. I mean WTF. You are also known for random google searches so , Is it me or do I think that you were looking up girls Webcams or something just to say , and expect becuase you found a (just my opinion) not so hot girl, that you'd become popular here instead of being mocked.

    Sorry but the past has cuaght up.
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    you guys should see nemesis chris' girlfriend ;)
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    What is the point of this thread.
    It should be deleted and you're a fucking idiot for even having second thoughts about it.
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    Does she take it up the arse as she would get it
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    cam whores woo woo
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    someone host these pics! all of them! ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
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    He has loads and if he shows them trust me you will not belive its his girlfriend!

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    he's not on! where are your chat logs?????
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    2nd row, 3rd from left.
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    Not really. I wasn't trying to prove to New Element or anything. Me and Chris were talking about me talking to girls on webcams then I said I had a girlfriend and showed a pic of that girl. I didn't want this to go onto NE, so whatever. It was like 3:00 am when I did it and I was partially drunk.
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    LMAO that site is wicked.

    And on another note i went out my way to post this he didnt ask me or on purpose do this. We were as he said talking about girls and there cams.

    But STATE of you turtleman.


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    2nd row, 3rd from left.

    wow cBass really must really know porn sites well
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    I don't know what's worse...Turtleman using pics of a stranger as his gf or the bAssman knowing exactly where they came from...;)


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