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    I'm not gonna explain this photo...






    No, we understand

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    This is me with my mom at the Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow Attached File  49573197_1192283677607869_3020625876229292032_n.jpg (133.52KB)
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    bump because im bored the night before a flight
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    hello again


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    I am the biggest chad that has ever lived.

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    An oldie but a goodie. Rare a client manages to get a photo of me and not the other way around! I've got the white helmet on :p


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    Awesome, dude.

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    what the hell is this dork

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    Me taken my good friend Audrey for her previous personal project on the graduating photography class of 2019. 

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    I think back about this place and some of the cool people here. Just graduated with a 7.7 from my undergrad and currently doing a master's in finance at a great business school, might be the VP of my uni's pride soc this year, slowly accomplishing life goals like working in investment banking. Life's pretty alright B)  

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    Edited that picture for you, it was fucking huge. :p


    Good to hear you're doing well!

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    Edited that picture for you, it was fucking huge. :p



    Some things don't change!

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    jesus i look drunk in this

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    You look drunk or you are drunk? That is the question


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