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  • Lovely screen. I agree with Sammy about the water tho.

  • Good building, definitely one of the best ive seen in your latest screens. Really liking the front.


    Not a huge fan of the black lamps (?) tho, the object looks kind of weird to me. I also suggest to try out some more texturing on the Minas Tirith blocks. Especially the wall on the left feels a little bare.

  • Lovely to see your style doesnt lose its characteristic charm when translated into CSO! The world building in this is great, i agree with rob it feels like a map for a RPG game. I really hope this was a succesful experiment for you. In my personal opinion it definitely was. Would love to see more work like this from you in the future!

  • Ive never been to ths states but this park has U-S-A written all over it. Impressive work in a lot of aspects of the game from you, Rob! I especially really like the architecture as well as all the little scenes you created in this to make it feel very immsersive. Also these really helped to make me look into this for longer than a few minutes: Crucial thing for non-parks!


    All in all a great submission that shows you are a well developing player people should watch out for! Good job!

  • Congrats to parkmaker and a well deserved gold win, Mulpje! This park shows a very unique fantasy aesthetics that shows a lot of creativity, but also creates a lot of immersion for the viewer. It also shows a lot of technical parkmaking skills displaying a lot of development in your personal style coming from the typical DKMP contest park aesthetics that can be clumsy at times to a more matured style.


    The obvious strong point of this is the foliage and landscaping. I also think you did a good job on all the paths work. Also im a huge fan of the RMC both regarding ride design as well as theming. I agree with G Force about the amount of rides in this: Wished it had a little bit more to offer in that regard, but that also shows how good the design of the already existing rides in the park is - i really want to see more from you now!


    Oh before i forget it: parts of this are themed to mushrooms it seems. Conceptually weak choice! :p


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