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  • it looks a bit like an age of empires style building but in modern era, interesting. I like.

  • Willow Belle: Lovely little thing, really enjoying the atmosphere and the ambient music. Although the park doesnt feel very 2005 to me, it got my vote, mostly because the foliage and landscaping is too pretty to ignore. The wooden coaster has a nice layout and kind of rounds the whole thing up.


    Tropical Thrills: Feels much more 2005 to me, cant too much wrong with some nice tropical theming. The composition in this is very good too and i really enjoyed the mine train. Some parts were a bit messy, but overall the architecture is really nice.


    Great job, both teams!

  • wtf 100% yes

  • The scaling is quite cool, very bold move. Lovely to see how fast youve come familiar with the style these days, the foliage and landscaping in this looks nothing like in your old parks. The architecture feels a bit messy in some parts, but it definitely works and creates a wonderful atmosphere together with the graveyards, that might be my favorite thing on this map.


    The coaster is definitely fun and i like the huge diagonal double lift in the middle, but as pointed out by others its not the best part of this map. I respect the unusual coaster choice though.


    All in all im very glad to have you back. Looking forward to see what youll come up with after youve had more experience with the style these days. Keep it up!

  • Big thanks to Babar Tapie too for creating the EG logo!


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