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  • I recall you once telling me that you could never build with NCSO!  Excellent screen, can't wait to see more of this.

  • Geez, it's completely amazing.  Between this and Indiana Jones, you're crushing it, Kyle.

  • Solid work.  The RMC's layout was excellent, but the pacing could've been improved just a little by slowing down the train.  Little touches around the park, like the railroad track and shipping crates, really helped create a good atmosphere.  And the custom color palette worked great here.


    The rapids ride could've used some attention, especially with a boring layout like that.  Have it interact with the coaster or something!  It was like on its own little island.  Likewise, the foliage was more filler than adding anything.


    Overall, pretty good job.

  • Love the Blizzard Beach inspiration here.  And the overall presentation, like Liam said, is superb.  I really wish more parks put that extra effort in to increase immersion.  


    Congrats on an amazing park

  • Solid.  Not crazy about the different path types.  Great supports on the top hat.


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