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  • This is so beautiful- which objects did you use to get the curved paths?- I may need them as one of vanilla's problems is it's so,erm, square- which is not so real life- this shows just how much difference breaking out of the straight lines and grids 'squareness' can make. I really need to get better at architecture too- way behind most of you!

  • Very creative - especially love the station- thinking that could work well for a whale themed ride of some sort too- you're welcome to try that idea!

  • Another wow- some good screens here recently

  • My RCT design inferiority complex just got bigger. This is unacceptably good :) The cart looks impossible as in how do you do something so clever with rct scenery parts, the architecture chucks most of mine in a panda shaped litter bin and the wow factor has that 'greater than the sum of its parts' 'you did this with RCT' vibe. Nice work.

  • Aqua Topia building is perfect- especially love the glass/ rotating cabin roof (maybe experiment with cabin colour settings- might get an even better look!)


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