• This rules! The carousel's roof is so good.

  • Great work!

  • Those supports are really well done, as well as the area as a whole. Those stacked train cars work well.

  • Great match here! Both parks are of high quality and have drastically different themes. 


    Le Coeur:


    This park really has a "perfect" amount of steampunk in my opinion. It's integrated into the archy very well without it coming off as cartoonish. Even though it's fantasy, it's still believable. The archy is a huge strong point for me here. Some favorites would be the "paris" dock building, the Moulin play, the gentleman's club, the whole jetski chain return to power the propellers (love this) and the covered stairs next to the fire station. This is a park I will definitely be looking at for years to come. 




    Another great park here with an interesting theme, executed very well. This park for sure has the best coasters of the matchup. The invert paired with the flying coaster is a very cool combo. Great interaction moments with the each other and with the landscape too. They were very fun to watch. The archy was fun, whimsical, and had an almost disney-esque feel to it. Loved all of the butterfly sculptures and objects throughout this entry. This one definitely carries more of that classic RCT charm with it. Some of my favorite bits would be the dueling coasters, the enterprise "web", the treehouse portion with the supply pulleys. 


    I'm going with Le Coeur this match. Both teams obviously killed it, but Le Coeur really struck a chord with me.  

  • This is the hardest matchup for me.


    Lemuria is overall beautiful and executed really well. Love the color schemes, the coaster, and the macro of this entry. The archy is also another huge strong point as well.


    Christchurch is also amazing in its own right. The skyscraper being built is amazing to watch. The archy is fantastic of course. Also love the little objects made for this too like the wiggling tower in the earthquake research building. 


    IDK what to do. 


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