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    robbie92 has been on a roll. It started with Head-2-Head 5 last summer when he went 2-0 including a win in the championship. More recently he received his second design for Rangda, a wonderful Cambodian'ish B&M invert that proved he really does have the finishing power to give people hope that his screens will one day become releases. As of now he is hot off a couple of 2009 NE Awards wins for being the site's most promising parkmaker and he also won the best write-up award (ironically I am trying to do the same right now!) with his awesome review of Zippo's Wacky World of Wonders. Well now he's is back with another design and Comet shows that he just keeps getting better. | Read On...

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    Sandcastle = awesome. I loved this, but I do wish there was more.
    Congrats Robbie.

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    Wow, 2 designs in 2 days and a bronze before that. Woohoo!

    Robbie, awesome work. The signage, from the Coca-Cola billboard to the Comet sign was PRO, and the coaster itself was fun to watch. The surroundings were great. This is a picture perfect design, congratulations to you!
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    Really nice Robbie. Very "Great White-esque." Actually, I found the surroundings of the actual coaster to be the best part of the design here--almost more fun than the coaster itself. This was one of the first things from you that really never felt over-detailed in the slightest. Everything was beautiful (the dumpsters, the sandcastle, the Coke sign, the haunted house, etc.). And hey, the coaster wasn't half bad either. I felt almost like it could have lasted a bit longer, but meh, no big deal. And that long stretch of bank track probably could have been reworked, but yeah, those were my only problems with this. Awesome job man. Easily better than Rangda. 16 out of 20 for me. Maybe even better.
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    Awesome is a good word for this.
    Great layout with the double out and back Great White type thing. It's a pretty stock design method, but the way you pulled it off makes it seem pretty fresh. What makes it for me is the surroundings mostly with the carnival type atmosphere on the pier and the stuff up top. It was the right mix of nice with concrete and makes me wish this was extended about 50 squares in either direction. It's too bad the water is so close, but I understand why you'd go that route. The sandcastle also rocks. So all in all, great design, one of my favorites of recent times, I think.
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    Awesome release robbie. The layout is awesome and the flat swinger is really cool. Great work.

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    This was pretty good. It did feel a little disjointed though; growing up in Jersey, it was weird seeing different types of boardwalk styles meshed together around what essentially was the Great White. The Jersey boardwalk style relies more on having the 'permanent' style buildings reside on a strip parallel to the shore line whereas yours was perpendicular. I don't like how brick buildings were built out towards the coaster's first drop, where the land is much less stable; sure there are engineering solutions to do something like that but it really isn't any boardwalk style I've ever seen in real life or pics. The art deco station for the woodie itself, while well done and true to something like Blackpool's style, didn't fit mostly because the architecture doesn't match the time period of when the coaster was built.

    I liked the ride itself, it was well paced and I could easily understand what you were designing for outside the limitations of RCT.
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    I love this one, it's so perfect!!! I would have voted 19 or 20...
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    nice robbie! love the hacks, buildings, & coaster. Everthing comes together well. For some reason I dont like all that sand with nothing on it. But hey, its the beach. A little empty. I would've liked it better if the boardwalk was higher and with more stuff added.
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    Yea, as Zburns said, reminds me of Great white, which is one of the best boardwalk coasters ever (and the best ive ridden). This design was spectacular. I loved everything. Congrats on a true classic RCT work of art
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    Robbie, we have already discussed it, but I really enjoy seeing this, it's a very good design and congrats on the win. Hope your new stuff is even going to get better! 

    @ Posix/Gee, can you both plan the winning submissions better next time? Now we have 3 releases in a few days, after that we probably have to wait a while again :) One release a week would be good therefore you can fill up the gaps in between. 
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    ^Who cares, I'm glad they are freeing up the release queue finally..

    Great job robbie, my score reflects how much I liked this.. What got it from a perfect score is that it felt kinda safe, like you built exactly what could get a design and not tried something new and innovative but did a "safe" boardwalk theme instead that has been done a million times already..

    Oh, and I think now is the time to complete a full scale solo.. We know you can built great detailed small scale stuff, but are curious what you can do with a full scale park.

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    This thing was awesome. Some of the best details in RCT2 to date. Id say more, but I did write the review :p
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    Thanks for giving us a piece of RCT that is both refined and well thought out. It's fun to look at something that is so detailed that it really shows how well you can use the game. We'll never be satisfied, keep giving us more! haha
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    It's the little details like the sand castle that make this so great
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    A wonderful design, but best woodie this site has seen may be an extreme exaggeration. I thought the coaster itself was decent, if not somewhat uninspired being a simple double-outback (not too different from many seen over the years). It would have really been great to see something more impressive along the lines of a classic beachside cyclone.

    I really was not a fan of how the detail and colors clashed so much that the coaster seemed like merely a backdrop to boardwalk itself, I'm in the minority with the opinion that such details and side-attractions bring down rather than accentuate a layout, but that seems to be what a lot of the RCT2 designs seem to veer towards lately. You put so much hard work into the boardwalk, I genuinely wish the coaster could have lived up to it. All-in-all, I enjoyed viewing this park but I know I've seen far superior coasters from you robbie. Keep em' coming!
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    This was really really good. It felt very much in the spirit of CCI's modern beachfront coasters like Great White, Hoosier Hurricane, Cornball Express, etc.

    It was also one of the first times in a while that I really felt like an out and back coaster layout was fun and interesting to watch; largely because the support work was so well done. The surroundings were also very pleasant. Not over or under-detailed, very tactful and stylish. The signs guiding the guests to the station were brilliant. Haunted Castle was decent and both custom flats were very nicely done. Nothing really worth complaining about at all. Congratulations on your unanimous win: it's truly deserved.

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    I can't wait to download this and take a look around. From the aerial, it looks to be a fantastic design. I love how you did the coastline as it's one of the best I've seen. Well done.

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    Great job on finishing such a stellar design, Robbo! I really liked the details in this and the atmosphere was pretty ace, too. I gave you a 19 then and I'd still give you one now. Well done, dude! Hopefully it won't be too long until we see your Six Flags up here, hahaha.
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    Thanks for the comments all!

    Austin: Glad you liked it! About the amount of stuff, I know that it's a pretty small size, but as long as you look into it more deeply, there's more content than most designs, just in a smaller package. This wasn't made to make a large, show-stopping design, just something that showed how much "little things" can bring a design to the next level.

    Luketh: Thanks! I'm happy you enjoyed it.

    Zburns: Your comment was one of my favorite, as you seemed to understand my goal for this. I'm also glad that you, specifically, liked this, as I know that you've considered my work overdetailed and messy, and Comet was made to try to fix that, making amounts of details look clean

    CP6: Thanks! Without you, this design would be next to impossible. Your feedback was insanely helpful to me.

    Pacificoaster: Thanks!

    Phatage: I completely understand your comment. The design obviously started with a Jersey influence, but as a Californian, the characteristics of CA boardwalks stepped in. The buildings are oddly placed, as I now realize, but I was attempting something like Santa Monica, which has it's buildings on a pier. However, your comment is completely right, and I need to take things more into focus next time I do a design.

    Prodigy: Thanks!!!

    JoeZia: Thanks, although beaches tend to be fairly empty at times. As far as more stuff, look more closely at everything that's there. I put a lot of time into each building, and I'm sure it's evident.

    Tdub: Thanks!

    Cena: Thanks!

    Six Frags: Thanks, and I do know a boardwalk is pretty safe. However, I wanted this design to showcase execution rather than overall innovation. My later stuff is more unique, but I wanted something less "out-there" and more" well-done."

    Kumba: Thanks!

    Ozone: Wow, thank you!

    Cornshot: Yeah, those details are what made the design so fun for me. Thanks!

    Vert: I'm sorry you didn't find it to be work that was my best effort, as I did. However, this design, again, wasn't meant to be innovative. Instead, I wanted to see how well I could execute a common theme, layout included. For me, the surroundings only benefit design, but the layout was still really important to me.

    Ride6: Wow, thanks! Much appreciated!

    RCTNW: Once you get a look, tell me what you think, as you have some of the more perceptive opinions on this site.

    Steve: Thnaks for all the help and testing! I hope SFSF will be there soon as well!

    Thanks everyone, and comments are always appreciated.