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    You're shittin me man.
    92.68%? Isn't that like the highest design ever? Friggin legendary Kumba. It's without a doubt the best recreation I ever saw on rct2.
    Not a shrub out of place.. Well maybe 1 or 2. :p
    What I loved the most though, was that control box near right after the final helix.

    BTW, why is the 100% out of spotlight category. Is it like Legendary Spotlight Design?
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    What a score :D
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    Wow, that has to be the most consistant vote ever, and well deserved design for the namesake of one of Ne's best players and a great recreation of what is arguably one of the best coasters out there. Awesome stuff Kumba. Thanks for the cameo to!
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    Great job , its just like the real one.
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    Oh yeah. BTW is that a custom palette for that train/mine track?
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    Damn impressive there, Kumba. I remember seeing this before signing up and after viewing the coaster, I cannot tell you how Perfect this is for RCT. Even if it is not a full park, this has to be one of the best pieces made in the game this year, I believe. To pull of this is a mighty fine achievement. Congrats! :mantis:
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    When I saw the first few scores I was thinking it would not last, but as they trickled in I just never got anything lower than an 18, which is needless to say pretty awesome. What I also find funny is I got no 20s and end up with, not the highest scoring design ever, but the highest scoring accolade panel rated release ever. Topped ZWWW by 3%. That's just crazy.

    I hope you guys enjoy the custom scenery, I spent A LOT of time on it. Tried a few things but never got the rounded catwalk to look better than the 45 deg. one and flat, so I skipped that. Maybe because I copped out on that I worked hard on the animated gate until it was usable, tho not perfect.

    Dotrobot, idk what a custom palette is... so no?

    Ok less then 1000 points shy of nate now... :p

    Thanks for the feedback. Also a big thanks to the release prep team. I love the logo (and now avatar!) J K did :mantis:

    Oh and this rec is dedicated to my cat, Kumba Jr. :kumbasgreen:

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    Till the next one... ;)
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    ^Which I hope is not too far away. Really, extremely well done. Almost no flaws, and well worth the wait. Very nice objects as well. Congrats on the win, and I impatiently await the next creation.
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    ...and that is the greatest thing I've ever seen done in RCT.

    I would have given it a twenty, as I think this design will revolutionize parkmaking to the same degree that Watkins Woods did a few years back. It sounds so cliche, but this is, in my opinion, about as close to real life as anyone has ever come with this game. Congrats man.
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    Holy fuck, I don't think I've ever seen a realistic park/design as well done as this. I had so much fun looking through it. The Busch Gardens atmosphere was perfect and although I've only been to the Williamsburg park, this reminded me very much of even that park. As Burns said, this set the bar up to a new level for realistic parkmaking with the detail. The new custom objects will definitely come in handy for other B&M coasters as well as park realism in general. Which brings up other little things that I feel just added to the park and made me feel as if I were there for real (or even working there haha) like the operator control lookout tower over the rapids, the access road to the brakes area for maintenance, the attendant/remote positions and operator on the ride as well as height check outside the queue with a test seat nearby. I'll be checking back with this on a regular basis for inspiration. Well done, 20/20.
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    holy crap.
    i spent a good 30 minutes viewing this.

    which says a lot, because for 1) i never open the game anymore. 2) i never download any parks and view them. and 3) i never typically view a design or park for more than 10 minutes at a time.

    yes i'll view them again, but it takes a lot for something to completely and utterly hold my attention.

    this was brilliantly spot on darren.
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    This just fucked me over

    hot damn

    im still debating with my self if it did take 120 years however.
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    I think you've also created the best bench for realistic parkmaking/designs till this day aswell, looking at the objects just makes me go I want to try this stuff out...

    on the design:
    WOW what a beauty to look at and the score is well deserved and I personally would've given it 20/20 if might add that. The atmosphere was great and I loved all the new objects and how they where used, only thing I thought was a little a shame to this great design was the abscence of block brakes, so only 2trains where running and they followed very closely behind eachother...

    other than that, wow I think we'll all know who wins the award for best rct2 design this year.
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    That's pretty good Kumba. Like pretty amazing.

    One thing that really struck me is how good this game is when you (not meaning specifically Kumba, you as in anyone) focus on something other than trying to whore the community's attention. It's clear that with this you had one purpose, and one purpose only - to recreate the ride as exactly as possible in RCT using all means at your disposal - hacking, custom objects, whatever.

    And it's phenomenal.

    You can see so many things that people wouldn't normally "Do" in an RCT park, like how sparse the themeing is around the ride and how thick the lift hill is. But it works because that's what the ride actually looks like, and we all know it.

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    You already know I like it. It's quite a lovely recreation.

    Now, when will we see screens from this SoK? :D
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    were can I vote thiz, cuz thiz park is great
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    You can't vote on it, voting is over. Moreover not everyone can vote on submissions, you need to be on the accolade panel.
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    I still can't believe you called your cat Kumba.
    Cats cant roar :p

    Well you know i loved this and the vote shows it. Incredible score :) congrats.
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    Hmm, dissapointed by the scores, it should be 95 to 98%.
    I am gonna try to make a design which scores 100% :) But I probably end up failing.