Park / Alpine Express

Park_1890 Alpine Express


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    Looks cool to me, I think the foliage worked really well flowing into that snowy landscape. Work on your archy so it isn't so blocky and perhaps not put as many trees on the map as it seemed like a filler. I think you'll score higher then as the coaster itself has a lovely layout.
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    I really never expected this to win anything, I just wanted a competitiive submission under my belt. Thanks guys for putting this up here, really aprriciate it.

    Thanks for the comment JK, I'm trying to work on my archy as I know its no where near accolade worthy, but hopefully I'll get there someday.

    Please keep the comments coming, I want to do all I can to get better.

    And we dont get points anymore for non-accolade winners?
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    You have to wait for a while for the points to kick in.
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    I'm actually really digging the looks of the thicker forests, though it really doesn't look that great right up against the coasters, coastline, and buildings. Open space can be just as effective.
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    Thanks MA! And Dotro, of course. Nice sig btw :p