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    One of my favourite parks ever made.

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    Wow, that looks awesome. Time to search my rctll disk again -.-

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    Dat bridge!

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    Not really my cup of tea, but I can appreciate the enthusiasm, effort and creativity that it shows. Especially liked string theory. Fun stuff :)

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    Is that lady taking a shit? How undignified of her to do on a RCT park.

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    Hey, wow, where did you churn out this from?


    Are my 2% share because some of it was "copied" from my old stuff?

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    Hey, wow, where did you churn out this from?

    What do you mean?

    Are my 2% share because some of it was "copied" from my old stuff?

    You rightfully got 2%, as you created of the suspended's layout, originally intended to be in the Escapist Experience. :)
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    wow, this park was awesome, in the craziest way possible, if a little inconsistent. The park really benefits from not having all the smart-bullshit 'dimension' stuff attached to it, and becomes just one of the most fun parks I've seen in a while- it almost feels like it just 'is' rct. It just oozes nostalgic atmosphere. It sort of feels like you've taken a mala-esque style and given it real aesthetics. Breaking this park away from the regular sort of theme park layout and experience into something a little more abstract and surreal really makes it something special, and meaningful.


    Conceptually, the area with the naked lady and string theory coaster sort of makes sense, but I feel that in a way its a bit distracting from the beauty of the rest of the park (maybe thats a good thing artistically?). Some of this park is just absolutely stunning- the basin with the purple coaster in it especially stands out, and the swiss mountain too, and I can't help but question what that area could have been like if it had been done like the rest of the park, if the rest of the park could even be said to have a cohesive style. Nevertheless, its interesting because its different, and certainly memorable.


    ps, did you not raise the water on the rapids ride on purpose? because it looks a little silly.


    Overall, this is an amazing park that should be seriously considered for spotlight, despite perhaps a bit of inconsistency. 90%

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    I think the fact that this only has eight comments and 14 downloads really justifies the need for a new/popular parks section on the homepage :p

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    Good job Liam
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    Don't have LL, but I love this from what i see on the map, especially that bridge. I have never seen better trackitecture.

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    Nice work overall, lots of fun. Viewing this in-game adds a lot, as you can see the ride and staff names, interactions, and other small details you can't with the overview. For anyone with a doubt, download it. You'll spend a good hour looking through all the details. Deserving of low gold in my opinion. 

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    Can't open it in game, any idea why?

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    If it gives you a trapper, try deleting it to the recycle bin and restoring. 

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    For what it's worth, I give it a solid yes for spotlight :D
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    This was wacky and I liked it. Stuff like 'Schone Madchen püpen auch' sells any park to me! :D I liked all the fun stuff like quick money, the sphinx in the dog house, the stinky cheese palace, and the funny names (dino piss, brown is not a theme,...).Wasn't a fan of the more 'normal' stuff around buccaneer and the mountain area. Mad the park somehow hard to define - is it a serious park or a fun collection of mind blurps? Maybe I just didn't get those two areas. Overall an awkward experience.


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    This is a masterpiece of something.


    I'm not sure what, but I'm going to keep on looking at it until I've figured it out, because I thoroughly enjoy watching everything- which is probably the highest praise there is.

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    #datbridge doe
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    [quote][quote name='][ntamin22' timestamp='1389527478' post='632583']
    This is a masterpiece of something.