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    A project three years in the making... and still not really made... Amity Cove is the urban legend of a park that was originally intended as a secret surprise for Iris's birthday, and then his Christmas present when the project dragged, and then his birthday present again, and then... well, suffice to say, it never really finished. And Iris got wind of it anyway. In any case, what was finished, though amazingly outdated, was so amazingly good nonetheless that I simply had to showcase it. This is not a runner up, though I'm putting it here at the moment, but it's fine enough to be considered a "Special Feature."

    To me, this is a fantastic glimpse at NE's own Golden age, when such high caliber names like RRP, Pawn, X-Sector, Blind Guardian, posix, Natelox, Fatha, Butterfinger, CoasterEd, Mantis, Toon, and Evil WME were all in active, regular service. Not much is left from that old guard, but this is a great glimpse back at what used to be. Not that NE is exactly in the dumps these days, but we always remember times past more fondly than we do times present.

    Perhaps posix and RRP can enlighten us with a more thorough background of the story, but I would high recommend dusting off that old LL disc and inserting it back into your computer to view this beauty. And well, it shouldn't be that dusty, since you all just saw Ed's work, right? :p

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    Amity Cove
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    And a thanks to Iris for helping me out last night by taking some screens and doing some descriptions, since I had left my LL disc at school AND had a wicked headache.
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    wow, where to begin...
    map1, pawn's area is actually "rrp-tweaked". he changed some of the landscaping i think. i should still have the original somewhere in case someone wants it.
    map2, my area is incredibly old. the first thing to be built on the map. i did it as a side project when i made my western area in atlas infinitum.
    the entrance is redone by me. natelox had made one but it was quite weak so rrp and i decided that someone was to redo it. if i did better, i'm not really sure about. still have the original as well.
    no matter how much i urged fatha, he never finished his area. for a long time, i felt it was his best work.
    map3, hardly anything done. lots of participants changes. shows toon's very last ll work, i believe.
    map4, features one of the greates hacks ever, done by wme, the "Totalanapatra" ride. doubleclick on the red light. then yellow to test and look closely what happens to the cars in the hokus pocus zone.

    a lot of feelings have gone into this project and it also made me get to know rrp. it was a very good time back then. thanks to everyone who contributed.
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    Well, this sucks.
    I lost my LL disc... :'(
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    really, i'm getting so pissed off, why must everyone good lose their rct or ll discs?!
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    Why not just use the no-CD guide posix wrote... I don't use my LL disk at all anymore.
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    It's a shame this didn't get finished. It fucking rocks as it is.

    People should start playing LL more. ;[
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    Well, hopefully they'll turn up by the end of the night.
    I really want to see the park; the screens (even though they don't show much) look good.

    Edit: I found the LL disc, but now I need the RCT disc.
    Edit: Yay. I found the RCT disc... Of all places, it was in the RCT3 box. But now, I am still missing my CF disc.
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    Map1- Not bad but I had a hard time telling what was who's, except for RRP's that was pretty obvious. Personally I found the majority of it badly out of date and lacking archetecture or anything really interesting. Those few buildings that RRP had though are stunning. Some of the best ever in LL imo.

    Map2- Almost complete. Nate's area throws me right back to DDI, beatiful and very atmospheric. His landscaping has progressed a ton since and so has his sense for detail, however I still love the theming, archetecture and particularly the atmosphere from this age of Nate's parkmaking. Butter's area may well be the best he ever did in LL. Sloppy to be sure however it's excellent in the sense of atmosphere and it's pure Butta'. Posix's area is beatiful however it's clearly outdated. Fatha's area is a beautiful point somewhere between the tropico pair. Excelling and the beema wasn't bad either, although it did use cheater breaks...

    Map3- Almost nother there. Ed's area shows an idea that I could have fun with useing glitchy sceanery and cBass's space tile... Coolness. The wooden coaster there wasn't bad either however I don't understand why the trains were backwards.

    Map4- RRP keeps his brillence going with a beatifuly bright area that hints almost at what X-sector's LL work would later evolve into; bright, beautiful, detailed. It makes me drool... Posix's area shows what he is now more than the AI days... WME's area... Holy shit.... Possibly one of the best areas in LL ever. Absolut;y amazing... The hacks, the detail, the style... *drools* Wme has really been working his standing right on up in my eyes. Amazing...

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    Drew, doesn't Loopy Landscapes come with Corkscrew Follies included?

    Anyway, this is a pleasant surprise, since I never knew this existed.
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    How the fuck did you do that hack WME?


    Well, my favorite map was the first. A brilliant Endor section by pawn, those racing woodies, and BlindGuardian work made my day.

    Even though it wasn't finished, a great job to everyone.
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    Drew, doesn't Loopy Landscapes come with Corkscrew Follies included?

    Anyway, this is a pleasant surprise, since I never knew this existed.

    Yeah, but I just noticed that I'm missing it...
    BTW, the park(s) were great.
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    Damn.... talk about outta nowhere.
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    I don't have a lot of time to comment right now, but wow. When I opened up map two and saw Clash my jaw dropped. I love how it flys out over the water. Brilliant.

    Mmkay, I may edit this later with more stuff.
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    Quantum, along with its surrounding area, may be one of the best rollercoasters ever made. absolutley amazing rrp. makes me wish you still played dude.

    the rest was so interesting to look at also though; this park seems to be a remembrance of ll's days of glory here at ne and it's really sad that those days are waning.
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    I have only looked at Map 1 in depth so far. I am not trying to argue with anyone here...but if that is as supposedly outdated as people are saying it is, then I have no idea why everybody would have left that style behind in the first place. Nor why anybody is reluctant to return to it.
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    And well, it shouldn't be that dusty, since you all just saw Ed's work, right?  :p

    If only that were true Corky. If only.

    Anyways it was amazing especially Quantum, Clash, and Synthetic Dream.
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    I'm actually more intrigued by how WME got the thing to run in continuous circuit mode than the actual hack (which is deceptivly easy). Weird shit, man. Awesome execution, though.

    Cudos to RRP for the dragon, too. I know how much of a bitch huge sculptures can be to make.
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    Hehe, things like this are cool when you have people who know how to keep a secret. Namely Posix and Iris, and RRP (though I think he's just never here anymore and probably doesn't converse with many people... and he barely knew about this getting released anyway).

    Anyway, I'm gonna go look at that WME hack, which I totally missed (not sure how). Mark proves yet another area where he's grossly underrated.

    Okay, someone explain how it turned into a log. Really, I have no idea how the theory for that can go, so I'd like to know. WME... IM me or something.
    Hmm... watching it further, the rapids boats don't turn back. So maybe it's a glitch? Putting a rapids boat through a log flume turntable turns it into a log?

    Altho then, I'm wondering how it made it back to the station w/o incident. And how all that runs in continuous circuit mode as well. Share the secrets, Oh Ed #2!! :D
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    I don't get it...i'm in this? I'll look after lectures.

    edit - oh I remember.

    BG's coaster on the first map had a fantastic layout, as did 'Clash' - and great colours, too, nate. Fatha's coasters were impeccable as usual. Not much to say about mine, except those were the days of lovely excitement ratings lol. Nice trick, WME. ANTI?

    (btw the continuous circuit hack is the same as on River Of Death And Decay and APE (although that's on race mode))