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Park_2103 20s Seaside Resort


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    Sorry, but on me it looks quite bored. i also don't understand te 2 train tracks over there, they lead to nowhere?? :???:

    Well although, a nice try!
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    Flap, i think they're scenic railways but i'm not sure. I quite liked this one. There were some nice ideas in it. A nice first park you have there!

    Also, try not to drown your guests unless they're really angry lol
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    The tram line is a bit of an odd one, I did plan to run it off the edge of the map but for some reason never bothered with it.

    I am however pleased that I have a few comments this is my first project and I am proud of it. Of course I am looking to improve in the future and move forward.

    I have based some of the rides on similar rides of that period so for example the Virginia Reel is based on a ride of the same name at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, The Rumbler is the standard figure of 8 rollercoaster that people would have experience in the 20s then there is the Super Splash also based on a ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and finally the Scenic Railway which is modeled around a similar ride in Australia I think?

    There are a few flat rides and other little attractions that you would've seen in the 20s.

    Thank you for the feedback (so far) it is really appreciated.

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    I like it, It's charming lol. I agree you should have made the railway go to the edge of the map ... It would have made it more authentic as countless of seaside resorts have a railway going straight to the seaside especially back in the 20's because that was the "Holiday" of the time ... even today most seaside towns have a railway straigh to the seaside because of the 20's, I like all the old style rides it all just adds to that 20's vibe. The thing you need to work on is your architecture, I look forward to your next park. :) Ohh and welcome to NE :mantis: