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  • Roomie%s's Photo
    Very nice. Not quite a perfect rec as detonator is in completely the wrong place and the final helix is gone but i assume its not meant to be a die hard recreation. . But an excelent design none the less :)
  • RCTER2%s's Photo
    This inferno is really beauterful :batman:
  • JDP%s's Photo
    that looks beautiful man, nice job
  • Liampie%s's Photo
    A generic LL design can't get much better than this. I really like it, congrats. :)
  • nin%s's Photo
    That layout was beautiful. I loved this.
  • Louis!%s's Photo
    Roomie, its not meant to be a rec lol its just an inspired design lol
  • posix%s's Photo
    Come on, what about this is not a rec? I was at Thorpe Park not long ago and it's pretty spot on. He even added that dead car ride by the ride exit.

    I liked this quite a bit. Solid improvement over your previous design. Really excited to see what you're going to do next.
  • nin%s's Photo
    oh right, I also loved the write-up. Nice job Sammy.
  • trav%s's Photo
    I enjoyed this.
  • Nitrous Oxide%s's Photo
    I would say the coaster itself is a recreation. I can't really judge the surroundings as I've never been there. But if it were suppose to be spot on, shouldn't it have been named "Nemesis Inferno"?

    I have not taken a look at it yet in-game. But from the screenshots it looks really good. Congrats man.
  • In:Cities%s's Photo
    Dumb midget?
  • Louis!%s's Photo
    Trust me, it's not a rec. It's just an amazing design based and inspired by Nemesis: Inferno.
  • Airtime%s's Photo
    Cosmic Determinism Field? Not entirely sure what it is Sam but thanks for the writeup. Also thanks for another good logo Dave and the rest of the prep team! :)

    Guys, louis is right, its not a recreation its heavily inspired, almost to the point were things are the same but as Roomie pointed out there's quite a few things that arn't true in real life.

    Thanks all for the kind words :)

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