Park / Thorpe Park


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    damn this is so good, i think this might even get best park 2014

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    ^It's been out for 2 minutes...

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    in other news airtime is now becoming a legendary parkmaker, also what? 2 100% votes?

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    I'll check this out tomorrow. Looks awesome from the overview! 

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    I haven't even looked at the park yet, but the surroundings are so ace.

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    Been out for 15 minutes and it has a 96% rating? Am I the only one who looks at a park like this for at least a half an hour?
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    From a first look I was not as impressed as I hoped to be. Dont get me wrong, it´s a great park but right now I´ve not had this "wow" moment (yet). Will have another, deeper look tomorrow, when I´m full awake :D

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    some people who voted might have already gotten to see the park ;)
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    haha yeah.


    I mean some of us have seen it for the past 1 & 1/2 years :p

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    Started out as just a Colossus design or "Project Odyssey" one a half years ago. Greatest decission to expand it into a full park, didn't think I'd finish it.

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    I didn't think you would finish it either.


    I believe I said you would regret it.


    But here we are. 1 Awesome park later.

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    Need a deeper look but the first look WOW.

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    OMG it's up for accolade already.

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    Amazing.  A simply amazing adaptation of the park.  I think you've captured the general essences of the areas without missing out on the subtle details, and have compensated excellently where necessary. Everything is busy but defined and the whole thing has a great atmosphere.  Brilliant work.

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    OMFG, I cannot wait to open this up. 

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    Solid work. Foliage was amazing, coasters were great.  I didn't have any wow moments though. The atmosphere seemed to be lacking a bit. Might get some flak for this but I gave it an 80%. It just didn't knock my socks off. 

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    Though Starpointe is objectively better than this, I enjoyed this more. So, so much more. HOLY SHIT. 


    I understand this is a "rec" of sorts, duh, but this is the most believable park i've seen, and it's because of the uniqueness of the composition and fully-created surroundings. I loved absolutely every single coaster in this park, and the integration with the coaster and other elements of park does it in for me. Picturing going down into Colossus's queue, seeing a train take the drop, loop, and eventually dive adjacent to you was amazing. Same with the exit/shop and cobra roll.


    The same goes with Nemesis Inferno. Walking under the lift and being able to see practically every facet of the ride was amazing, and the interaction with the ship and detonator was fantastically done.


    Getting off of the subject of rides for a bit, there is some seriously great architecture here. The entrance screamed fun, but also restrained itself in a sort of realistic way. The train station by the flume was GREAT, and so was the burger king near that. Also it felt ballsy, and successful, to include some of the larger buildings in the park, but fuck does it work. The seamless transition of theme (the flume area to inferno) shocked me. Seeing that architecture practically adjacent to each other and yet still work amazed me. 


    WOW man. 

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    No Swarm or Saw? Honorary Mention...




    Can't wait to check this out tomorrow night once things cool down for me!