Park / The Black Mask


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    Love it. Congrats buddy:]
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    Can't believe this was a close one, from the overview it's absolutely beautiful! This is some seriously great NCSO, I'll have to get a better in depth view later.
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    Congrats Man!

    This was great and I really enjoyed it. Now finish Six Flags Extreme Holland!
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    Man, this is pretty, pretty, GREAT for a NCSO release!
    I've loved most of the design, but I regret how messy were the land types you have used in the water. Although, the supporting work was fantastically well done and the details in each building... :drool: But I felt that the foilage/terrain interaction could've been better, and "Man-eating Maze" was kinda of suggestive name in a bad way... haha And the way you made the grey brick wall by adding the glass wall in its front is so genious!
    Congratz! ;)
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    good work on the woddie layout.
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    ending of the ride killed it for me along with the giant mushroom which seemed force. but congratulations man, nice to see you on the front page!
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    This was really nice and atmospheric. I found the mushroom was a nice touch, especially that it reminded me a bit of a lighthouse because of its colour and position. I found KONG roaming the abandoned mine (which could have been more detailed btw), that was funny. And you could have given the Twist another name than "Twist 1"... COngratualtions!
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    I loved this! It had a wonderful, lively atmosphere and things like the grey brick walls and the giant mushroom were incredibly innovative! The only thing that I didn't like was the amount of guests.
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    This was phenominal to me. Really solid. Well done.
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    I think this should of had a way higher score becuase this is one classy design! I really love this, it had a real good atmosphere.

    The foliage looked amazing! The landscape was lovely as well as the few surrounding rides.

    The artitecture looked real good. The station was lovely and the row of shops in the bottom near the water fall looked aweomse.

    However I'm assuming the coaster was supposed to be GCI? Whilst the layout wasn't bad, the ending wasn't too good, but it didn't seem very convincing to be honest. Maybe you wasn't going for something true GCI, I dunno, but maybe that's why teh socre wasn't as good as it should have been?

    The other thing that was a little off was the mushroom? It looks way to forced and unnatural compared to everything else in the design. The colours also sticked out. Although it was very creative, it just didn't fit.

    Amazing stuff! I really enjoyed this. Looking forward to some more NCSO greatness from you! :)
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    good, very good
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    I'm in love with your support work!
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    Just thought it would be great to have an video review on this amazing piece of NCSO work ;)

    As usual the NE Folk get the link to the video a bit earlier. I´ll make the video "puplic" at 6pm UK-time tomorrow.