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  • -Piggynator-%s's Photo
    seriosly so low?!
  • Lowenaldo%s's Photo
    Thought the overall landscape was pretty well done, however, you never really took advantage of it. Buildings, foliage, coaster layouts all need more work, hopefully you continue to play and improve on those aspects :)
  • nin%s's Photo
    yeah, I agree. That's one of the better park landscapes we've seen in a while.
  • funkeymon%s's Photo
    not to put a dapper on the landscape, but i believe the landscape is pre-made. the scenario is called luna lakes or something like that.
  • Xtreme97%s's Photo
    Yeah, it's here:
    It's near the bottom somewhere.
  • -Piggynator-%s's Photo
    yeah probaly
    i found somwhere in my park files and i thougt why not start a park :/
  • BC(rct2)%s's Photo
    good park, but not a WOW park, but I think that the score can be more higher. =)
  • BelgianGuy%s's Photo
    actually quite a beautiful landscape to build a park in, might actually look fun to make a very big NE project with this map if we can convert this landscape onto a decent in clear everything and then start adding object tabs like from the bench from Louis or something
  • Jaguar%s's Photo
    Lunatim made this bench as someone stated earlier, so I'm not surprised at the score.
  • -Piggynator-%s's Photo
    never knew there some tt objects in itt :)
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