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    Lovely start of 2013.
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    Looks really cool, I'll check it out in a bit.
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    Wow, great logo In:Cities, I love it.

    While I do appreciate the decision to use a vertical drop rather than the steep, I can't help but think it'd have looked better with the normal (mainly because of the ugly support work directly behind the track). Until someone really gets the catwalk trim to continue on a vertical slope like that I don't think we'll ever get it to look entirely right.

    Overall I like the choice of coaster as I'm a huge fan of the Intamin prefabs, but I didn't really like the out-and-back helix portion. Maybe if you had went with the more elaborate El Toro-like finish, I don't know. I just didnt think the helix added much to the layout. It was almost too simple.

    I wish you had gone for bigger architecture, but I guess the small scale let the coaster truly dominate over everything. I just like more elaborate buildings so the small scale stuff seems to add little to the overall park, and these didn't seem to have much purpose, along with the fact that due to their small size, the pathways seemed to take up a ton of space making the design feel somewhat bare.

    Those are my thoughts, but props for finishing this and I'm glad to see you release something again!
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    Thanks nin:]

    FK, this truly was gorgeous. I am really looking forward to see what you come up with next! Congratulations:D
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    I thought the layout was good in concept (an El Toro layout realistically adapted to suit a different landscape) but I didn't think the execution with some of the finer bits like trackwork was as good as it could've been. I do like that you made an effort to represent the complex Intamin wooden structure but I also think that could've been adapted better in RCT.

    Btw a guy who went by MadraDot made vertical woodie pieces that were pretty good, I don't think he ever released them but I have them if anybody wants (I don't think he's working on them anymore):

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    Amazing logo In-Cities, nice coaster
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    a bit cluttered and haphazard, but enjoyable nonetheless. felt more mexico/aztec than spain to me, however
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    Congrats FK.

    Nice design.

    Probably my lack of coaster knowledge got my confused about something.
    Those hills had the strangest flow i.m.o.
    It felt awkard to me, but maybe i'm wrong about that, since nobody mentioned it yet.
    The architecture was lovely, i admire how you hide your huts, really creative.
    I agree about the fact that there was too much pathing, it ruined the atmosphere a little i.m.o.
    The vertical drop wasn't really appealing, but i'm not sure if it could've been done better, since i don't really hack rides.
    The turnaround at the bullfighting arena is a nice touch.
    That huge maze below the waterride, lol ,i wouldn't want to get stuck in there. :p

    Overall, i've enjoyed your design.

    I'm sure you've got something nice up your sleeve next time.

    Oh yeah RMM, are you looking for a fight. :p
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    I like the most of your arquitectures except the rollercoaster station, they look fantastic.
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    a bit cluttered and haphazard, but enjoyable nonetheless. felt more mexico/aztec than spain to me, however

    It wasn't themed to Spain, so that's probably why it didn't feel like Spain.
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    I really liked this. Great atmosphere which, combined with nifty details and great ideas, is what made this design so good.
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    I loved the colors, very vibrant. You get a sense of fun just from the overview. In-game you continue this fun, but at not quite at the level I expected. Archy is so-so, pretty old school toon-like. Really enjoyed the turnaround in the arena though, nicely done over all.
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    Dat splash boat (especially the interior). Best design we've had in a good long while.
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    Great to see this on the front page! I really enjoyed the design, the layout I loved and had no problems with. The maze and water ride are my favorites, as well as the spinning ride by the entrance. I think the foliage was not my favorite and the colors were a bit dull, but the overall impact made up for it. I think a little more planning on the composition of the park's layout would benefit the design a bunch; some areas had too much path while others felt cramped, and pathing towards the back of the helix could have been better integrated. Also the scales of the buildings were either smaller than usual or larger than usual, which was, erm, unusual, so i guess it isnt necessarily a bad thing! Great little touches here and there too, really loved the final helix and the stadium around it.
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    Sorry but I didn't think this was design worthy. The layout was decent but the crest of the first hill just looked awkward. The rest of the layout was quite simple but worked for what it was. However, I really didn't enjoy the surroundings, which is a shame because normally I'm a huge FK fan, I think he was robbed with Nemica, but here the architecture just seemed too small for the amount of detail put on it, which made it seem even smaller. Then, because it felt so small, it also felt really empty and just awkward throughout the entire design, almost as if a saw had cut all the architecture in half.

    The splash boats was good though, I enjoyed that. And the colours used throughout were very refreshing.
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    I'm home from New Zealand!

    Happy to see this out, thanks for the team for an awesome looking page!

    To sum up my thoughts, im simply damn proud of this. I won't deny it has it's faults, but put simply i had more fun building this in the past 3 months then i have had in a very long time. Its not a cohesive style, nor one i feel dominant in, but i really enjoyed piecing together something i have been working on for so many years, particularly at a time i was thinking i may never release anything again. It has its moments of brilliance, but i think its foundation in realism is what really held me back, which is why you can look for more semi-realistic and fantasy ideas in the future, which is what i think i do best!

    And i'm sorry you didn't like it Trav. As one of my true long-time fans, i hope my next park will make you more happy! ;)

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    Nice design.

    I liked the layout up until it dived under the brake run and headed towards the bull ring. Nice take on an El Toro style layout though.

    The splash boats were great but the building was massive compared to the rest of the buildings on the map. I think if there were a few bigger buildings on the map, instead of all reasonably small buildings and one big building it would of fitted in more.

    I think this would of benefited from being more compact and less path but I guess building it over long periods didn't help?

    The theme was good and the buildings and little market places gave a nice atmosphere.