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    Congrats FK.

    Very nice design, very unique and exciting.
    Loved the buildings being integrated into the mountains, as well as the landscaping.
    The mushrooms in the cave part, a nice touch.

    Cool design. :)
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    Very interesting layout, and the landscaping was fantastic. I like how you just used facades without too much actual building behind them, they pulled off the "gloomy" look very nicely. Congrats FK!
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    I think this could've actually been a good theme to use the black and white palette to give it that dark atmosphere...

    I do like it but seeing as you chose to use colour it does seem a little monochromic from a certain point of view
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    I think you probably expected people to not like the color scheme. Well, I didn't like it :p black and red with black supports? barf! solid maroon track maybe, purple supports, anything!

    but otherwise pretty nice. I couldn't open the readme coz I don't have word on this computer, so maybe you said important things there (btw, people should make more readmes in notepad :) ). But the architecture bits were interesting, if a bit same-y. But it definitely feels very FK. I think the path layout was a bit weird especially the diagonal bit near the coaster, but whatever. The layout is awesome though

    anyway, nice work and congrats
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    I would've liked to see a bit of trees or green in the middle of that diagonal "hook" of path. Would've helped break up that awkward shaped bit a little. Other than that and an ohhkayish color scheme I think the design is very bold and original. You open it up and BAM grabs you by the balls right off the bat.
  • scarywaffles%s's Photo
    oh! this one is really really awesome. a great balance of fantasy and reality, I love the path color and the idea of dark castle that seems to be sculpted from the mountains, it's like temple of Petra ( one of new 7 wonders of modern world ) I also like the trees, though I find it a bit too dull when it comes to the color palette that is used( maybe adding some whites, maroon or teal/silver-ish colors on those towers will do, they will stand out more )though the column and roofing is awesome,I find it a bit redundant. but I really wanna say you've done a good job in those fine details,the fencing in the final helix, the maze, the foodcourt. Never mind my comments hahaha.. GREAT JOB!!
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    I'd like to apologize from all of NE. A failed design is getting more comments than your accolade. This looks pretty cool from the overview, I'll check it out in a bit.
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    I love the adventurousness and unconventionality of the coaster and its layout. The attention to detail on the rock formations and foliage in spots you know nobody would ever look at are well fucking worth it. And I've always loved your layouts in that the visual style always seems to more important then the realism. Form over function.

    I can't open in game, so let me first preface the rest of this with the caveat that I can't see what's inside the buildings. The monochrome scheme works for me on the coaster, even if a little bit overboard with the red flanges and black footers. But that you continued that to the rest of the map just muddles everything. That's probably my biggest complaint about the whole thing. On the macro level, it's awesome, but on the micro level, the details get to be a bit repetative.
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    Well done on the design man, your stuff is always interesting and I love the coaster. The landscape was good, but I kinda got the feeling that it had been built up to meet the coaster rather than the other way around. Like, the coaster is always a set distance from the land, does that make sense? Makes the whole thing feel quite manufactured.

    The coaster colours are totally fine, it's the fact that they're the same colour as the architecture which really kills any atmosphere you had going. Honestly, if the architecture was different colours, even if black is still the main colour, it would improve your atmospheres ten times over. It's a shame because it's such a small thing, but i've thought it about previous works of yours as well.

    I really appreciate the unconventional layout, use of vertical drops and hills which you almost never see, and the scale of the whole thing. It's a nice land, straight out of your head. It just doesn't immerse me due to the monochromatic nature of the overview.
  • inthemanual%s's Photo
    I was really looking forward to this release after seeing screens of it in the AD. I really enjoyed the coaster itself, but I didn't like the rest of the map very much. I felt that the catacomb buildings might have been a little overdone, but that wouldn't have mattered had any other architecture existed around them. I mean, I love the way they look, especially the station, I just wish they weren't the only architecture on the map. I love the coaster though. A lot of unique elements and things I haven't seen much/any of before made it interesting to watch.
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    A little interview and review of The Necromancer that Paul and I compiled today:

    Check it out!

    I plan to do this with future accolades as well.
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    The coaster layout is awesome. It's so original. I love how it hugs the mountain, creeps around the sides of it and then dives down constantly. The brick work buildings and temples on the mountain also look brilliant.

    I have no idea what the Necromancer is but nice name.

    I'm glad you added the extra colours around certain buildings, they add a lot and separate the buildings a little whilst still keeping the theme dark and consistent.

    Congrats on another design FK!
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    I have no idea what the Necromancer is but nice name.

    necromancer is a magic that involves dead people. :) and it really fits the looks of this coaster ^o^
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    + Coaster layout is great, especially the swooping turns into the final tunnel (great tunnel) and the weird tight helices on the mountain tops
    + Impressive landscaping
    + Love the foliage
    + Very original
    + Good atmosphere, reminded me of Monstrocity in places. I'd even call it a Heaven's Kitchen vibe.
    +- Architecture was good on the mountain, didn't feel the rest.
    - You could've done much more with the surroundings, I mean the paths and stuff.
    - The colour scheme should've been more complex

    Well done FK.
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    More of this please.