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    really amazing. I'm sure you know that.


     I'm sure I've missed things. just brimming with atmosphere and details. I feel like its a new park, even after all the streams- I think the music really made it feel finished and perfect. can't beat rct music for nostalgia :)


    ... it will win spotlight, however this new system works!

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    i honestly want to vote higher than 100%


    i've never been so overwhelmed by a park.

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    Heh, so I was kinda right last night when I said to you on aim that a new NE version usually comes with a big park release!


    What a nice treat this is, and what a beast of a park! Takes some time to take it all in, but what I see so far this may be my favorite park ever!

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    this park is amazing, i never watched your livestreams, but i had heard of you, and already thought you were one of the best, this only confirms that, this should atleast be in the top 5 of best parks ever

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    I'll have a legit review later, but first i just want to be mad at Pac


    Months, MONTHS you kept going on about how this wasn't Spotlight level, ugh, You should be punched by a Panda on a Skateboard



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    This is absolutely mindblowing.

    Love this park sooo much!

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    You should be punched by a Panda on a Skateboard

    So desperately want a like button for this

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    So desperately want a like button for this

    Can we actually include this somehow? Having a like button for posts is something I thought I'd see on here and it'd be a cool feature I think.
    Anyway, Justin. I know we haven't talked in awhile because we've been busy bees, but I just want you to know that I love you and I hope we can talk soon cause this is a milestone, dude. Congrats doesn't even cut it. You outdid yourself and every park in recent memory (even DAW!). Stunning, stunning work on everything. I am going to dust off my disc soon for a proper review of this but I have to say right now that I couldn't be happier for you, man. Well done!!
    I bet Robbo is so pissed right now. :p
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    Can we actually include this somehow? Having a like button for posts is something I thought I'd see on here and it'd be a cool feature I think.

    It's something that we hope to implement at some point.
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    I'm going to wait until I get home so I can really open this up and appreciate this. 


    You just had to actually finish starpointe, didn't you pac? You couldn't remake it again. I'm disappointed. 

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    LOL, Steve, why would I be pissed? Starpointe's here!!!!



    Oh, and as long as DCA and BGA are in my hands, I'm cool, calm, and collected... :p


    I'll give you a solid review once I can see this in-game, Justin!

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    This is just incredible.

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    My favorite realistic park, by far. It's been a blast watching this develop over the past year or so, ever since you kicked it into high gear. I remember looking at the original topic thinking that the park wasn't much of anything, and look at what it's become.

    It's just so good, it's so RCT. Maybe that's due to the overall park theme, the idea. I don't know, it just looks like classic RCT and sums up everything that is awesome about amusement parks. Great rides, atmosphere, I'm sure the food stands sell great food, etc. Good stuff all around, man.

    Congrats on finishing it up, and I know we still have more to see from you. Maybe seeing this completed, along with the new site, will help give me enough of a creative boost to finish a park of my own.

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    96% as of now. This is no doubt a good park, but seriously? Aren't we a little overexcited here? I voted 85% and will comment soon with details. Lovely park Pac, glad you finished it.

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    ^That's just the community rating. Panelist score is private until it's finished.
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    A 90% in my case, it is special and i'm not being overexcited.

    Those swimmers... i can't beat that in my upcoming park.

    Some of the ideas... marvelous!


    Btw. ,are Milo and Whereswalto and maybe others enjoying themselves? :p

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    I do think people are letting their excitement get a little ahead of themselves here... I voted 95%, which is the most I will ever give a park. nothing can be perfect.


    but this holds above 95% average? thats a lot of perfect 100s. 

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    Finally, Starpointe is here! Can't wait to look at it in game, I may or may not give a review later. Congrats Pac!

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    Dat Starpointe.