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    Before I continue, everyone needs to realize that these are the runner-ups from LAST ROUND (yes we're very far behind, but the Hi-Rollers Contest put us 20 days back). I have a whole new batch of amazing runner-ups already picked for the next Spotlight (also already picked). Anyways, congratulations to Twisted, spiderman, KillTony, Austin Powers, and Turtle for their respective parks in this round of Runner-Ups. They were very well earned, and I'm glad we have a nice mix of LL & RCT2 winners this time around.

    Posted Image
    Wasted Years by Twisted

    Action Zone by spiderman
    Foreign Legacies by Kill Tony

    RCT2 Runner-Ups
    Babylon by Austin Powers
    Tula City by Turtle
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    hmmm, I remember having an AIM conversation with AP a while back when we found out both our parks did not get runner-up. Well, looks like he got his wish anyways. :(

    Haven't looked at them but they all sound very promising...
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    I wasn't a fan of Babylon at all... it seemed rather messy and random than detailed IMO. I also didn't like the high contrast between the grassy areas (which was nice for a change) and the sand, a lighter color less-contrasting would have been better.

    The screens of Tula City looked great, definitely shows potential from Turtle. :)
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    Wasted Years was the best runner-up by far, I really liked the theming ideas in that park, as well as the coasters, nice job Twisted.

    Action Zone was a great park as well, I love the "Nevis" style, the park had a great feel to it, just didn't have anything earth shattering imo...

    I didn't really like Foregin Legacies, at first i thought it had a nice 'classic' feel to it, but the park just looked rushed and in some parts unfinished, or just filler....

    But nice job guys, and congrads to the RCT2 runnerups as well, sorry i have no coments on them.
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    Congrats spiderman on your first NE award, but do me a favor...make sure your other parks have their own identity; recent screens of upcoming work look completely identical to Action Zone...a big no no in my book.

    Who's your favorite parkmaker again? :lol:

    No offense Fatha'. PoC sounds like a breakout in this area. According to you anyway.

    Comments on the LL parks later.
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    Who's your favorite parkmaker again?  :lol:

    No offense Fatha'. PoC sounds like a breakout in this area. According to you anyway.

    Comments on the LL parks later.

    Right now...x-sector....
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    Right now...x-sector....

    shit ::::)
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    Cant wait to check 'em out. :D

    BTW, Babylon wasn't a club park...
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    Good job "Wasted Years by Twisted"...
    I love this park..
    especially, (strange)
    "the high-level landscapes in coaster [The Mage's Lust]" <-is Very good designs [My think]

    and 'Padharia Plains' Zone was very really good->House and Architecture...
    also, Corsair coaster was very great Design. although This Coaster Ride time is 1:34

    And I love this zone(name of The Island Closest To Hell]

    This area is very good color consept(red style)
    My friends see this area, and they said 'WOW, Rreally good' ;)

    Good Job 'All Runner-ups parks'
    Best for NE.

    and Thanks;;;; :angel:

    Have a good time
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    Wow,'re getting pretty good at English! :)

    The RCT2 Parks looked cool, but I'm not going to open them as of now. I remember Turtle's being advertised, kinda small but still very nice. Good use of them temple thingys.

    Action Zone was freaky! Most of the park was similar to itself, but I didn't really think that mattered since the objects you used :et: :et: One thing I would suggest: When you use awnings, make sure the building(s) you're supporting the awnings against completely rise above the awnigs. Awnings, awnings. The Test Island thingy was a good choice for your favorite area! I'm guessing you did that last. It was more daring....

    I <3 Foreign Legacies. It was up there with the other two parks for me. I guess it just brought back the old days of the wonderful RCTPro spotlights. :it: The coasters were fun, albiet a bit underthemed but they weren't exactly bare, so I'm okay with that. The ice section ::::) I liked the use of ice. Kind of like Siberia. Only 100 times better. ;)X The names were good as well, and the entrance was brilliant. for a little more effort and less rushing...this took what, 2, 3 months? Puh-lease...

    And Wasted Years was my kind of architecture. Twisted will probably never abandon the infamous 2x2 stuff but who cares? The extra coaster pieces made the simple architecture monumental, and the hacking was brillianT! The Egyptian section was scary though. All those freaky walls strewen across the landscape made me dizzy. Wonderful Job Twisted.

    Nice round!

    If my spidey sense is correct, I smell multiple LL parks again next round... :spidey
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    Congrats, AP! Babylon looks great from the screens. I can't wait to check it out at home. The hanging gardens alone are an astonishing piece of architecture/landscaping. It's great to see you get some recognition with a park that looks a little different.

    Tula City looks like a nice park, well-made and all. But the three screens shown look virtually interchangeable. And I'm not a big fan of the rocks.
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    Quick comments on the rct2 parks...

    Babylon was nice enough. The larger half was better because the coasters were actually themed here and some of the buildings were quite nice. I thought the grass clashed with the sand too much, and the observation tower building didn't need to use raised land as it did. The fuschia coloured woodie and the flyer were down points for me as they were virtually unthemed. Overall it was a good park though, it just lacked innovative ideas.

    Tula City was better for me. The theme was captured very well and the landscaping was as good as I have seen in rct2 (with the exception of erf of course). The border fence needed to go, I don't see why ppl leave them in still... but the coaster was very good, I thought the colours made it stand out a bit too much though. Very good use of in game theme objects etc though, I liked the park a lot.

    Sorry the reviews were too short even for mini-reviews.......
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    Didn't like the coasters in Babylon. Two went 15 mph or below over hills. That's a no no. Babylon contrasted too much, it's certainly better then what I could do, it was kinda of cluttered. It was still a great park though.

    Turtle you certainly made yourself an intersting park. The invert was pretty cool and I loved the theming. Keep on going what you're doing in the game!
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    Twisted, you know for a fact that I am in love with your park and I'm the first to argue it should've been a spotlight. Great work, I've been playing longer than you and with my seniority I say you cant stop playing till I stop (and I've been playing for almost 3 years...).

    ~Prince Ashitaka~ 8@
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    Good job to Twisted and Spiderman. I think they were both totally different parks, and both have a very nice atmosphere to them. Twisted I like your realism with a twist, it turned out very effective. Spidey, great job, the colours worked well and most of the areas show good potential. Loved the battery area 1st time I saw it, and always will.

    Great job both of you.
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    okay, my thoughts on the RCT1 runner ups

    Action Zone:
    The park had it's high points, loved the themeing and landscaping. Architecure was good when you had big buildings. The things that lowered this park on my list were the colours (too bright and unrealistic) and the archieture was bad with the smaller buildings. The overuse of B&M Track didn't help either.

    Foreign Legacies:
    I loved the parks simplicity, it wasn't 'in your face' as many parks are. Search For Leviathan was genius and is amoung my favorite water rides. Incredbile landscaping in places. It might have made my list, but in some places it was too empty and the snow area and it's coaster really turned me off. Actually, the whole back half of the park was way below the standard of the entrance area.

    Wasted Years:
    Wow, Twisted created a great park here. There was great archiecture, great ideas and great themeing. Things that turned me off were the architecure being to small (the more the better :)), and the shape of the islands were not very exciting.
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    Wasted Years
    Hehe, I didn't realise you'd sent this to me aaaaages ago, so when I opened it up I thought 'hey, I recognise that fallen angel coaster!' Well, the finished product is very cool. Apart from the dubiously named ride scenery (I think you got mixed up with which bits were meant to be used for which areas) and the fact I still have no idea what 'PTK' stands for, the park is excellent. The Black Mage Village is my favourite area, followed by Machina. Those two areas have cool landscaping, creativity (the mine train is uber-themed!) and the best atmospheres. The PTK area was nice, but I think you could have done more with the 'slaughter' theme. Wasn't too keen on the egyptian area...the wooden coaster was pretty sloppily themed IMO, and there wasn't enough pzazz to keep me interested for the whole area (nice floating-hack though). I find it hard to compare this to The Other World - it's like comparing Disney's Beautiful World to Comic Quest. But I can safely say both are very good parks, and I think if you decide to go all-out on your next park, with coaster scenery, atmosphere and the creative themes you think up, you'll get your first spotlight no problem.

    Action Zone

    Wahey! Bright, unadulterated technojoy! Colours=cool, textures=cooler, concept=brilliant. It's great to see the way you improved over the course of the park (even over the course of specific areas) and I think it's just an indication of what your capable of (ie the roman area in Festival looks mighty fine). I liked the area with the SBNO coaster - nice big techno buildings with funky landscaping. I wasn't too keen on some of the land-textures, because I never really think multi-textured land looks good unless its a) mostly covered in trees b)non-obtrusive and c) jagged. Apart from that I think this is most definitely a step up from Altan Bay and i'm looking forward to what you come up with next (that UFO shot you had looked nice, but I kind of agree with Iris - maybe you could transpose it into a different theme....maybe you should try a turn to the dark side for a park? It'd be cool to see what you come up with).

    Foreign Legacies
    Oooh, nice, except the damn coaster ratings (is it a tradition of yours to have 10+ intensity inverts? First midday gardens, now here...gah) The woodies are nicely realistic, I suppose, but not my type...but i'll echo the praise for Search for Leviathan. The architecture was for the most part really nice, but I think you could have included more of always seem to like tree-ing things, and sometimes it works, but other times it just looks lazy. There's a fine line between Timber Wolf quality tree-ing magic and Majestic Realms tree-ing sin. On the whole it's a pretty park, but I think if you mixed the theming in avalon with the creativity in Tambora you'd come up with something a lot more inspiring.

    Haven't looked at the rct2 parks yet...will do in due course!
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    I liked them all, but I think Babylon could have used a little bit more work. Action Zone turned out just as good as I thought it would be and Wasted Years was one of the best runner-ups I've seen. It seemed like planned chaos and it turned out great.
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    The best by far is Tula City. Even though it is a small map with repetive architecture and one coaster it still is a great par. Well done Turtle. GUTGW.
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    I wasn't a fan of Babylon at all... it seemed rather messy and random than detailed IMO.

    I am sure some people see the detail while others only see messy and random…Since I was the one that made the park I can tell you that each piece of architecture was important and I put as much detail into them as possible.

    I think Babylon could have used a little bit more work

    Where? What? That comment doesn’t help me much.

    The hanging gardens alone are an astonishing piece of architecture/landscaping. It's great to see you get some recognition with a park that looks a little different.

    Thank you cbass and thanks for the comments from others also.

    I thought I would get more comments since this is NE, the site that gives you the best feedback…Thanks iris for picking it as a runner-up and for the great write-up.