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    YES! Awesome mate. Really really chuffed for you! You really deserve this. I will post thoughts later on as I wanna view the park one more time (already viewed it twice) so I can pick up even more of the glorious details.

    Seriously though this park is something else.
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    Fuck me!
    Download it now!!!

    SO amazing park, I love everything on it.

    Nessie was stunning.

    Will look longer at it tomorrow.

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    well, as you can tell by my vote, i loved it.
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    Wooooooow, best park I´ve seen (in RCT2 and in reality).
    The Hollywood-Tower-Coaster is so great, like the whole rest of the park. I love it really, really!
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    Read the write-up for my thoughts...

    I lurve this park.
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    I don't have much to say other than, "wow."
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    that town area was incredible! i spent at least half an hour on that section looking around!
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    One of my favourite parks ever. Congratulations on finishing, winning spotlight, becoming a parkmaker, creating something brilliant and unique and much more. Thanks A LOT! Expect another reply soon, I've got much more to say.

    Thanks again.

    And again.

    And again...
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    A well deserved accolade.

    This is perhaps the most realistic park I've ever seen.

    When I first opened up the park I was perhaps a bit dissapaointed by the bright colors of the entrance. But what the fuck? I went on...

    Zippo's Medieval Realm is a really enjoyable area. It has great tudoresque architecture and a good set of rides. Ye Peasantes' Revolte is nicely themed. I was really fond of the burning house (yes, I'm a psychopat). The swing ride and the flume ride fit nicely into this area. Moving on to Jester, the boomerang. I would have done the supports a bit different, but still, it's a nice addition.

    Let's go left here... Kabompo Kanyon
    Home to Cannibal the B&M sitdown, with a nice and flowing layout. Cannibal nicely interacts with the rapids ride underneath.

    Moving on to Bonnie Scotland.
    One word: AWESOME
    So much detail. It's perhaps the best area in the park, as it reeks of atmosphere.

    Grimey Glen
    Sewage pipes galore! Home to a good number of rides. Meltdown has an awesome layout.

    Oriental Odyssey
    That B&M invert definately has an interesting layout. The palace is beautiful and ''Hoing Pee'' is the coolest name I've ever heard... For a toilet.

    Phabulous Pharm & The Gardens
    What I liked here were the giant snail and the flowerbeds. Zippo's Pony's of Doom, Xophe is a genius.

    In my opinion the best realistic park on New Element. I can get a lot of inspiration out of this (thanks Xophe)! I really want to see more of your work.

    P.S. 5dave, I hope you didn't take it as an offense for not liking the logo that much.
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    Congratulations, Xophe, on the spotlight and on making a downright fantastic park! Realism has never been my cup of tea, but this park has a good mix of both realism and fantasy. I love how almost every building has a highly detailed, peepable interior, especially the cafe in Bonnie Scotland where you can see the peeps sitting and enjoying their coffee thorugh the windows, awesome. That whole area reeks of atmosphere, the level of detail is unbelievable. There are so many other details that I love, like the burning building at the Ye Peasant's Revolte, the diagonal railway bridge, the coach parking (at first I was thinking what the fuck is up with that parking lot? before I saw the sign :D), the fields at the outskirts of the park (perhaps it's been done before, but it's very beutiful), the custom golf course and much more. I remember commenting on the Sewers Dinghy slide ride (can't remember the name) long ago in the AD, loved it then, loved it now. The gardens were beatiful, and the side-friction tracks as flowerbeds works great, although I wonder if there aren't a track type that looks better...

    This park is very inspiring and fun to watch, the two things that I value when looking at a park. Also, some of the names were straight out hilarious, especially the "Pswans" and the "Pslide", lol.

    Thank you Xophe for this amazing piece of RCT art!
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    This was just "holy shit" good. Haven't enjoyed a park this much since...well...probably BGS.

    Everything just felt so right. The gardens, that sick finale on Ye Peasant's Revolt, the turn over the river on the invert, the bridge overlooking the rapids ride and the castle ruins. I just can't even say enough good things about this park. It just blew my mind.

    And the logo was incredible. Totally captured the essence of the park imo. I could say so much more about this park, but sadly I lack the time. Oh well, congrats man, you more than deserve it.
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    Congrats Xophe, I think this is my favorite park of all time next to RoB and Watkins Woods. The theming throughout the park is just phenomenal, although some areas were stronger than the other.. Scotland and the Medieval section have to be my favorites and have a very good flow and atmosphere. The details, architecture and little things are also best in those sections. The one thing that bothered me most are the waiting lines; The white on the railings kill the realistic atmosphere you had going!

    I'll give a more thorough review later on when I have more time.

    I hope you don't get the NE Parkmaker curse, and produce more parks of this quality!

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    ...and thus begins a new era of rct.
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    CedarPoint6 + Geewhzz = Xophe. Not saying anyone of the three is better then the other, it just seems like I know a lot about Brian and Curtis's work to see that Xophe's resembles both of them.

    As for the park, fucking fabulous. I was never a big fan of water rides but I must say that the water separated both worlds in this park for me. I hate how that log flumes hill went right into a turn so that was a big turn off since it was one of the first things I saw in the park. However one of the last things I saw was that rapids ride. That was just jaw dropping and is by far the BEST water ride i have ever seen bless this game. That was just out standing and on top of that all of you coaster layouts were very solid and plus seeing the peeps made me soil myself.

    I think I would have wanted to give this park a 19 but I just can't do it. 20/20 for me bud!

    Oh and I can't tell you the last time I saved a park that won an accolade. I think WWAP was the last one.
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    From the moment I opened up the file, I instantly fell in love with this park. First of all I will go out and say this is the most realistic theme park ever released. The balance between the fantasy themes built using a realistic core and foundation worked marvelously. There were just so many nice touches that really stood out to me, and I will not bother naming them all. Furthermore, this park is the first park that I have opened in RCT and was overwhelmed with a whimsical happy feel. Like seriously its hard to explain but the "happiness" in this parks atmosphere even puts most of the disney parks in RCT to shame.

    Great job, Xophe, and I look forward to what is next. Cherish this accolade as you completely deserve it!
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    Am I missing something here? It's a fine park, but the coaster selection was so ordinary. The game is called Rollercoaster Tycoon for a reason and the coasters in this park were subpar.
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    I think that should suffice.
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    Am I missing something here? It's a fine park, but the coaster selection was so ordinary. The game is called Rollercoaster Tycoon for a reason and the coasters in this park were subpar.

    Maybe you are, because I don't ever remember enjoying a park nearly as much as this one.
    Thanks so much Xophe.
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    *Two Thumbs WAY WAY up*