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    Holy boats!

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    Lagom congrats on your spotlight, again. I liked it, and it took a lot of skill to create, but i didn't necessarily love it. My favorite stuff was all the non-park stuff, actually. This park as a whole had the sin of recreations to it. I know this is how it is IRL, which is why I'd never knock you down for it, but the park itself felt very unreadable due to the path composition and extreme density. What also gets to me is how you build according to peep scale rather than viewer scale, which hurts the whole density issue as well. Again my criticisms are mostly stylistic and I don't expect (and you shouldn't) change your successful style. Also as well I know the pain of recreations in RCT is balancing aesthetics and realism/what's actually there, so you're bound to have criticisms either way.


    I think you should try a non-rec however, because you clearly have the skill and I think doing a non-rec would let you space things out better. It is a lot more enjoyable than Liseberg though.

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    Waiting for this for weeks now. Looks insane.

    Will have a closer look tomorrow and give you my feedback afterwards.

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    Dat crane.


    I'll write a full review at some point in the next few days but I wanted to pop in quick and say HOLY SHIT. This is a masterpiece.

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    simply amazing

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    This is incredible, the boat docks, the trampolines, the trucks and cranes, there is just so much life in this. On first look its my favorite release of 2017 by far. I think the amount of life and peeps in your surroundings really set them apart from most other parks outside areas. A lot of your stylistic choices really make your work unique on this site which makes it lots of fun to explore.

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    Dammit. I see I have significant competition in the "best boat park released in 2017" category.


    More detail coming soon; I've been looking forward to this release for a long time.

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    A great way to start the day to see this one released! 


    I'm just overwhelmed when browsing the park. Wow... There's so much to see, you've put in so many details. I think i'll have to open the park a few more times to really discover them all!


    Your style is great, it is super realistic but with a special touch on it. Love it. I love the circus building, I love the harbor environment, I love all the boats (trying to get picked up by Heaven's Atlas aren't you ;)  :p  ), I love the fact that you actually did put Twister in it! I thought you first said you weren't gonna do that and I think everyone would have understood that decision and the reason behind it. 


    But omg, you managed to recreate possible the hardest park to recreate. Hats off for you my friend!

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    I'm coming home from Ireland later on today, it's my birthright to vote on this as no1 lagom fan.
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    this park is perfect. 100% perfect. in every single way


    i'm quite lost for words really.


    there is so much that amazes me in every single area, even in the surroundings, everything has so much detail and thought put into it. 


    i can't even begin to think why anyone would not like this, or not even see how perfect this park truly is.


    putting people's style preferences and favourite parks aside, i think this is the greatest single piece of rct created. 

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    No full overview? But looks very nice though!

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    wow this thing is amazing. I don't think its my 'greatest piece of rct ever', but it is truly astounding.


    The park itself, on its own, is great. amazing details and atmosphere, lively colors, ridiculously clean but still descriptive detailing. It feels like there's a real, alive "story" behind all the detailing, which is exactly the best kind of feeling you can achieve. I love that you opted to put the woodie in too. The park has all these tight alleys with midway games and stuff, and you really nailed how that should look and feel.


    The city though, is probably the best urban rct we've ever seen (and will, for some time). Holy crap the boats. I'm in awe of the boats. every single one is meticulously detailed, yet still clean and perfect. they have so much character, and so much diversity, and just feel like the most 'real' objects I've ever seen in rct. they're easily the best thing in the entire park. just so many good boats. 


    I'm also astounded by the diversity of 'things' in the city around it. You included shit I would never have imagined, like a fire station with a full interior, and a plastic factory, and more I missed. I don't know how you know what the inside of a plastic factory looks like, but it looked exactly right to felt like every piece had a real history and was built up over time like a real city. and also, everything was colorful and atmospheric and lively. I'm not sure how you so consistently get the balance between detailing and clean composure so right, but you do. this park is a good example of creative realism; not everything needs to be so cookie cutter and done-before. You make it feel real, and still brimming with new ideas and excitement.


    so yeah, I don't have anything bad to say. I would loooove to see your next park stray into more semi-fantasy territory; give me some big, detailed, original and atmospheric set pieces. You have a talent for giving 'story' to the different parts of your park that I really admire. I'd love to see that with a more 'themed' approach!


    i'll give this a 60% you didn't name an entertainer after me

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    This is great. I love the funny little details so much (we can't say this enough). This park is a real inspiration for me and motivates me to build such cool things too. It's unrealistic to vote 100% but I still did it. I can't find anything in it I don't like. Keep up the good work man!

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    No full overview? But looks very nice though!

    It gets a full overview once the park receives an accolade, which I doubt it will.

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    I haven't got enough superlatives to describe this park.... I'll come back to this. Insta-Spotlight for me.

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    Less than 24 hours! Well deserved score, I promise I'll write a full review soon. Nothing but love for this park!!! Incredibly fantastic! You deserve to be a Legendary Parkmaker, and you've done it with finesse! :)


    EDIT: To respond to pierrot's concern, personally I've spent well over an hour looking at this park, split over yesterday and today before voting. Not sure about the other voters on the panel, but that's where I'm coming from.

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    No offence, but I simply don't get this. voted ridiculously fast for such a huge park with enormous details.


    Congrats on Spotlight anyway, all the small details are brilliant as hell. I'm still exploring this with jaw dropped.

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    I've been waiting for this park since Lagom started posting about it (much like most of us, I assume) so when I saw it had been released, I immediately downloaded it and spent much of the evening checking it out.


    Congratulations on Spotlight, it's very well deserved. I honestly enjoyed nearly every part of this park. All the little details on the shore, the port scenes, the various ships (my favorites were the M/F Silver and HMS Stockholm), and of course the park itself. The multiple levels used within the park and the surroundings was a really neat effect, and I really enjoyed the insane amount of detail within the park. I could really go on and on about what I enjoyed.


    I wish Insane were functional. It wouldn't have been *too* difficult to pull off, but I can see possible scale issues if that had been attempted. I also wasn't really a fan of the wood textures used for the structures around the playground in one corner, but that's an extreme nitpick and essentially just a personal preference.


    Amazing job. You're very talented at recreations. I do agree with others that it would be fun to see you try your hand at a non-recreation, but if you want to keep doing recreations; that just gives me more to look forward to!