Park / El Encierro


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    I'm as giddy as a Japanese school girl who got the starring role in the 2girls1finger sequel. Expect a full review tomorrow morning; too tired to review right now, but this is absolutely amazing.

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    Fucking flawless.
    The coaster layout is perfect and interacts with the landscape amazingly. Although there is plenty of other stuff to keep your attention, it is obvious the main focus is the coaster. The diagonal lift works perfectly to make it the centerpiece. And the buildings are amazing as well, not overdetailed, but look realistic and beautiful still. Also, I was amazed how exactly the brake run looked like Silver Bullets and how it was exactly the right speed for a diagonal brake run to work. And the rapids too, I saw barely any glitching which is an achievment for that kind of ride and the realistic details were great. So much to see in just this one park, I can see why it took 200 something rct years. Hope to see more from both of you.
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    Wow! That was the best design I've ever seen! Beautiful!
    The only thing I didn't like was the fact it was all a bit messy, but I guess that fits the theme well, so, well done!
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    I don't have time to download it now, but of what I can see on the screens it looks absolutely amazing. Congrats!
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    This might be one of my favorite things ever made. Both of your styles mesh so well, and the foliage is second to none. Great atmosphere, wonderful rollercoaster, really exciting and i'd love to ride it. Architecture is some of the best ever made, and the little touches set this apart from most things. I want to make a post highlighting the 'little things', when I have more time I will. Well done you two, you make the rest of us look lazy.
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    That design was amazing!
    Great work, guys!

    I loved the whole thing - the layout, the rapid ride, the architecture, the landscaping, the trams, the hacks .... all of it!
    Well done, and if there was a spotlight NE Design category, this definately would be one!

    Looking forward to more!

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    Well done, you two. I don't have the game installed so I can't see it, but it looks and sounds incredible. Jem, I'd love to see a "little things", please.
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    Congrats on winning design with this one. You two really deserve it and this one was outstanding for sure. Thanks for being able to look at this one during construction. :)

    Your work is incredible detailed and complex, which I liked a lot. The foilage was great the layout of the coaster really good - even though I think the batwing was a little fast.
    The interaction of the rapid and the coaster was a highlight for me together with the great queueline for the coaster.

    However I do not agree with the words "best design ever".

    I am still not sure if I like the way your styles mix together. It was pretty obvious for me who was working on which parts of the design. They sort of worked together here, but didn't show as much harmony as I was hoping for.
    What kept this one down the most for me was the fact that the theming didn't really come clear to me. You work going for something spanish, but it looked like a mixture of a disney plaza, a mediteranean villa some industrial buildings, a modern restaurant and classic geewhzz style - not very spanish to me at all - and as already mentioned a little unaestetic.
    Also work on the glitches as those are really annoying to look at.

    Still great work you two.

    Looking forward to the next one. :)

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    Well imo...

    1. El Encierro by geewhzz & disneylhand
    2. Fright Nights by Phatage
    3. Fire Dragon by Phatage
    4. Arch Angle by Titan
    5. Hawkeye by SloB
    6. Genus: Carcharadon by me...
    7. Quest for the lost Mountain by Jazz
    8. Salga by geewhzz
    9. Mountaineer by CP6
    10. Nagas by Posix

    Not like it owns Phatage's designs, but imo it edges em out...
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    Fantastic Design imo. The coaster was damn near perfect and I loved watching it run. All the little details and hacks everywhere made this a joy to explore and your styles worked well together. The way the rapids seemed to fit in so well with it's surroundings was pretty awesome and things like the hacked que lines put a smile on my face. My only gripe is that when you look at it from building to building some of the colors don't mesh together well and the theme isn't carried perfectly but this park is so fun and full of life that I can easily forget about aspects I don't like.

    The other cool thing is that this looks like one of those things that people would take half a year on to get just right but you guys finished it in less than 2 months.

    Great work guys... look forward to your next works.
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    Wow. That took balls to make (finally a great inverted coaster). It really did. The pacing on that inverted coaster was to intense, that I feel like one like this should be made in real life. Finally, someone pulled off an inverted coaster with out an inversion having to be around ever corner. I love the substitution of helix's instead of inversions and I loved how you could not take your eyes off the ride with out missing a sequence. The design has made me so overwhelmed that I feel like I need to keep raveling on about it.

    Alright, that water ride was bad ass. Nicely done with that. Trams, bad ass nicely done with that. The fact that this park was peep friendly, damn right priceless.

    Design- 10/10
    Supports 10/10
    Scenery- 10/10
    Foliage- 10/10
    Hacks 10/10
    + 10 for being peep friendly.
    Final- 60/50= 120%
    Well done guys.
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    Wow, just god damn WOW. I haven't been wowed like this since I first saw Rivers Of Babylon's Lemuria. Just everything, just freakin' everything works so god damn well in this design. I haven't been staring for so long at something wat is on such a relatively small space (besides my own work of course, lol :p ).... and I still want to go back for more. If someone in the near future tells you rct is dead, just show him this and nail his mouth to the ground as soon as it hits the floor.
    This is almost as perfect as it will ever become (although I sincerly wish it isn't that way). We just had the 2007 awards and a whole year of building ahead of us and I already know who get the the 2008 awards for best design/steel coaster and the 'where did that come from' award. I have no clue where you got this as good as flawless design from... I just hope the pacing *****es stay out of this.
    Again wow... I really need to work more, this is inspiring.
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    first of all thank you gheewzz because you tried to improve hacks I tought up. I always try to come up with new things but that sometimes means a think I find out isn't refined completly but I dont have time or energie or knowledge to refine it at that moment :) .
    I'm glad you took the challenge of learning hex editing and tried the invisible station hack and the thrill lift. altough yours is a lot easier I learned something of it also when I learned it to you ;) , and maybe one day i'm be able to use the synch trick in 4 tracks at the same time.

    about the design.
    the archy is nice ideed altough some things aren't my taste
    the foilage is very good and the coaster seems alright to.
    all by all a very solid design :) .
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    Seriously disneylhand, where the fuck have you been? Thank you for coming into our lives.

    ...and Gee, you're not too shabby yourself.

    Full review tomorrow. But at the moment. Oh shit.
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    Everything about it was amazing.
    It definitely is my favorite design released since I've been here. It was a little bit messy but that is my only complaint. I've never seen so many hacks thrown into such a small area and for them to work so perfectly together.

    Definitely my favorite release since Watkins Woods, and now I'm really looking forward to your Sea World park disneylhand.
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    WOW! Congrats guys! great design! i woudlnt say flawless, but everything you attempted came out great and worked well. defintly one of the best designs. im not sure if it was Kumba, or builders, or there are multiple, but pamplona is in Spain, so its a spanish theme, not mexican like it says in the write up.

    The Coaster itself was great. fast, perhaps alittle too fast, but had a nice combination of different elements. towards the end seemed very concentrated in one area, which looked alittle congested, but it worked well with the scenery. the very end it sped, into the break section very fast. i would have made it slower there, but i realize the issues with the diagonal track. the stationg was awesome.

    the water ride was great as well. the hack with the elevator was too cooL! the station was nice, although it looked like a tree, which didnt work with the area, but it was nice. the hacks on the water ride were top notch. though not the most exciting it worked well in the park.

    The Archy, and scenery itself was perfect, my only problem being that the park had so many conflicting themes. the giant castle, barn type thing felt very spanish. but then the station for the coaster was more modern, the strip of buildings underneath the chain hill had some haunted mansion looking stuff, some deco, some italian. it worked somehwhat, but it just seemed like so many differnt locations were used for the buildings. it was all great, i just think the more spanish features needed to be empasized.

    overall it was fantastic. great coaster, great archy, great water-ride. congrats on the design.

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    I pretty much agree with FK.
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    I dont know if im one of the "pacing bitches" or not but I do often comment on pacing cause I have very strong opinions on the subject. I think one of the reasons this design is so good is cause the pacing splits the difference between RL pacing and RCT pacing so well. Its fast enough to be in the ballpark of RL pacing but also not so fast that it became bad "RCT" pacing. But what else should I expect from the guy I have come to know has an extreme attention to all kinds of details, and his apparent new protoge.
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    Damn this was nice. The coaster was really very good. I especially liked the Great Bear-esque drop. Very fresh and original. The architecture was fantasitic, although there was a lot of weird clashing between structure styles which left me a bit confused, but whatever. The Rapids ride was honestly the best part of the design for me just because it felt like it was integrated perfectly into the atmosphere rather than forced into it. And, the boneyard of course was the icing on the cake.

    I have only a few little things I didn't like
    -I thought the queues were a bit lackluster. They were pretty flat and were located in the areas of the park with nothing but grass.
    -The brown and white custom steps would have looked better as one color I think.
    -The Diagonal was a little much I thought (the paths and some buildings, not the actual coaster). To me, it just seems like a whole lot of extra effort for very little effect.

    Anyway, really, really great design.