Park / Mennack Bay


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    you make this look so easy and that is so frustrating to me

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    damn, this is such an epic scenario. You've captured the british charm so well, its really an incredible landscape. I almost wish it had a touch of cso so I could really see your architecture skills shine. But nonetheless I appreciate the philosophy you were going for, and I can imagine myself as a kid seeing this out of the box and being flabbergasted. (Hell, I think chris sawyer and the team would be too). The landscaping is the high point, with the huge sweeping beaches and flowing inlets of water- very very well done, something that is done badly so often. I'm not totally sure how I would actually play the scenario in terms of building a park as I don't quite understand how peeps can navigate it, but I'm sure it works somehow.


    I also really love the single path the peeps use to get to the park entrance- its integrated so nicely with crosswalks and the march across the beach. Also, breaking up the crazy paving is a genius idea.

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    You might be one of the most talented builders to come here in a long time, this is just incredible.  So much atmosphere, variety, believably, depth, everything.  Yet its still all so simple.


    Sammy is right, this is very frustrating to look at because it just seems to some so easy to you.  Hopefully you're using these talents elsewhere, because its seriously impressive.

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    Was really excited to explore this, you've clearly got a ton of talent and you make it seem effortless. The town area is fab with great use of colour, but the castle and island are exceptional. The garden area around the back is perfect. The landscaping is beautiful with such naturally crafted foliage and it makes the map feel very believeable as something you'd find around the southwest region.


    Looking forward to more of these and I'm hoping that some of the stuff you've previously posted like the bridge screen are still in the works.

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    This is an awesome park, and you've got amazing composition skills. I enjoyed this because it doesn't rely on hyper-detailing or gimmicks to hold ones' attention, it just is. The coolest thing about your work is that it's pretty much how RCT is 'supposed' to be... no hacks or custom scenery, it's very interesting that amazing stuff can be made without modifying the game at all.


    I feel like this is what the style of certain LL parks, Alex's Luna Park for instance, would look like in RCT2 and it's great to see. Balancing micro and macro is very difficult and admittedly parts of this are barren (the beaches for instance), but that's probably the intent. And as a cohesive whole, this is beautiful.

    There were lots of brilliant ideas throughout the park. I love the rowhouses with the stone chimneys and path roofs. Hope to see more work from you.

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    Just beautiful. Your creativity is so strong - just wonderful to see. And I feel I must to visit south-west England now. Actually never been.

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    ^this macro is perhaps my favourite bit. Amazing.
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    And the best part? Zero trackitecture. 

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    Wait... I got another gold?


    Awesome! Thank you so much :)

    I almost feel giddy :p


    Seriously though, thank you so much everyone! I make these scenarios for you all to enjoy, so it means so much to me that you like them :)

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    You're a great talent ar, now I'd love to see you make some more traditional parks and perhaps even some rides!