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    The naming here is great. I thought American Pie was a super cool name for a massive B&M Invert, curious why no real park has ever went with something like that. Duelers called 'Monty' and 'Python'? Love it. :lol: The ride I'd be most excited for, based on the name, would be 'Abandoned Building'.


    Other highlights: Gladiator Pizza, Gate Keaper, Knights of the Round Slide, Dog Dare, Double Dog Dare.


    But yeah, like you said, you were young. We all were and I recognize the way you named things. Except that in my case there was an extra layer of limited and broken English.


    As for the theming, obviously nothing too memorable. Tenchi in Tokio was kind of nice, however. Without too many modifications to the scheme this could be turned into a nice area in an actual park.


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