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Which park is better?

  1. The Afterlife - Elementalists 5 votes [17.86%]
    Percentage of vote: 17.86%
  2. Sea World Sydney - Whzz Kids 23 votes [82.14%]
    Percentage of vote: 82.14%


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  • geewhzz%s's Photo
    comment below
  • 6000000flags%s's Photo
    looks amazing! also, yay for an ll park that looks amazing. the multi-d looks immense aswell as the Manta flyer. downloading now.
  • posix%s's Photo
    EASILY whzz kids for me. SERIOUS FUCK, SEA WORLD was freaking epic!!!

  • RCTFAN%s's Photo
    This was a hard one and I could tell just by looking at the overviews.

    Afterlife: I enjoyed it for the most part, loved the upsidedown building under the clouds with the 4D going through it. A lot of good ideas well implemented but for me the mutli-level heaven/hell didn't work due to the isometric nature of the game. If they were spaced further apart then it'd would have been better IMO.

    Sea World: Now this was extraordinary. Everything felt so clean, which is more then i can say for most LL. Layouts were very impressive, although a little too slow on some of the flyer. However rides such as Shamu and Crocodile were very well done and refreshing. I can't help but feel that the stadium for the dolphin was last minute and that the coaster supports would ahve looked better in RCT2 (i.e. less confusion).

    However it is my clear winner, congrats Whzz Kids, you got my vote.
  • Brent%s's Photo
    Off looks alone, I'd say I'm most likely voting for SWS... I have never liked the style of parkbuilding like The Afterlife. It's way too fantasyeqsue for my liking.

    Edit: Oh SWS is LL? Dammit... I need an ISO of that...

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  • SSSammy%s's Photo
    both parks look freaking incredible.
    ill download and vote tomorrow.
  • Cena%s's Photo
    I don't have LL , but I would definately have voted for that park :D (whzz kids), just great :D

    The one of Elementalist is not my style, and too busy etc. Don't like it. (sorry to the makers).
  • X_Fusion%s's Photo
    The two parks are very good.


    Congratulations Elementalists and Whzz Kids!

    Good job guys !!!!!!!!!!!
  • RRP%s's Photo
    Sea World looks epic from the overview,so many first i believe there with the aquatrax,LIM fins and the pretzel loop on the flyer
  • Brent%s's Photo
    Pretzel loop's been done in LL before this.

    And about my comment about The Afterlife, don't/didn't mean to offend the parkmakers, as it really is a pretty sweet park/idea but like I said, I'm more for realistic.
  • Goliath123%s's Photo
    Sydeney doesn't have much "sand" if you know what i mean, only on the beaches, but they were still good, i'll vote for elementalists, some awesome stuff there.
  • CedarPoint6%s's Photo
    Both of these were very impressive.

    The Elementalist's one really reminds me of Magnus' PT2 park with the floating islands and the 4D and stuff. Definitely a lot of fantasy, but I can appreciate that for sure. Lots of nice little details.. nice touch with the other team peeps in the traps and stuff.

    Whzz Kids was impressive too. Very nice Manta type thing, and the Crocodile thing was darn impressive. As far as I can remember, I've only seen Levis do that sort of thing. Nice timing. I enjoyed all the nice little details with everything and that put it in front for me.

    I'm impressed by how close just about all of these matches have been for me so far... this was another one.
  • J K%s's Photo
    I think some aspects of the afterlife were well thought out, inspirational and a real nice fantasy take on such a big idea. Some of it however was confusing and I think some of the archy could have been a bit better. The devils were well thought out and some of the rides were good. The last Arch Angel was cool but I was really missing some custom supports (although it would of been hard) it would of added so much more to the park imo.

    Some of the reflected archy from hell underneath and heaven on top was really good but the overall composition didn't wow me as much as I thought it would in the overview.

    I have no doubt that your a fantastic fantasy builder and you will amount to your legendary piece of work soon, just work on the basics and then pull off these ideas and you’ll have a cleaner more aesthetically pleasing park.


    Seaworld. Yet I may not own LL I believe I know a nice park when I see one. Unfortunately I couldn't experience this park in game yet the details and rides and hacks in this park amounted to a much cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing composition compared to its rival park.

    The working hacked rides were all really nice and I can imagine riding them as a guest looking around the surrounding scenery. The two coasters were something else. The smaller coaster's layout looked awesome and as the flyer had a professional touch with the hacked track, custom supports and general surroundings.

    An awesome matchup. Already you can see the week or two have improved the parks from round one and I'm really excited to see the other four parks.


    I'll try and get LL but if I can't . . . an apologetic and unofficial vote goes to Whiz kids.
  • Kumba%s's Photo
    By far the best match this season and it should be extremely close...

    Sea World Sydney was one of the best LL park I have seen in H2H. I love that it was mostly peep friendly which is very rare in LL. The croc adventure ride did not seem like much then it falls of the bridge and rides a log, would be ironic if you beat Levis's team with one of his hacks, lol. The fish tank was sweet and the 4D coaster had a great layout with a really cool wicker station. My only beefs where that the shows were not all they could be and that there were a few empty buildings. Really a park this solid does not usually come along till later in the season, other then Slime Meridian. 9/10

    Afterlife was great, it was one of the parks that really has a good comedy value as well as being an awesome park. I did not like the hell area as much as Heaven, but it had its up sides like the Whzz Kid being gassed to death and the sculptures. Great work on Heaven, the atmosphere was fantastic and I liked the rides even if they did not have the same kick as SWS. The near death experience ride made me lol. Overall a very strong park that I think only lacked in execution a little and none of the rides where that amazing. Oh and fuck you for putting what I think I can safely assume were Robbie, Gwazi and myself in hell with a sign telling people to throw things at us! :peace: Mostly due to the fun factor I'll give you a 9/10

    My vote went to Afterlife, tho I did not take a really long look at SWS... very close.

    Also posix/gee I am not sure if your planning to go off the posted schedule or posted this because its a hell of a match-up but I will be pretty pissed off if the Elementalists get to go first every time, thats in no way fair to the other teams. We should all go first like twice or something.
  • Liampie%s's Photo
    The parks look both amazing! I don't have the time to open both now, unfortunately. I cannot wait till tomorrow! I forecast another very close matchup.

    Both teams, thanks for making such awesome parks and making this contest interesting! I really enjoy H2H5.

    The one of Elementalist is not my style, and too busy etc. Don't like it. (sorry to the makers).

    Cena complaining about a park being too busy? You must be kidding... This park is more organized than your work, or at least I've seen of it. It seems like posix and Comet really like your style so maybe something changed. I cannot judge right now.

    Even wat dingen over Head2Head :D. Als je het niet wilt lezen omdat je meedoet aan H2H, dan kan ik dat begrijpen :) maarja, daarom staat het ook tussen spoilertjes :D

    (spoiler tags)

    quote="Posix": cena is now my hot candidate for "players having their breakthrough during h2h".

    quote="Comet": and it looks like we have our own mini-Levis here

    Ik wil natuurlijk niet teveel weggeven met betrekking tot Head2Head, maar dit vond ik wel aardig van beiden :D :D

    (/spoiler tags)

  • Louis!%s's Photo
    FUCK ME.

    When I looked the Elementalist's overview I said WOW.

    And then I scroll down and see Whzz Kids.

    OMG, RCT Awesomeness overload.

    Oh I am going to have fun looking at these in game!!
  • Levis%s's Photo
    You've got to be kidding me.... we're facing the seccond best park of the week again!
    well , this time we'll win :D .

    cant look at the LL park now cause my disk is at home. will look at it saturday, will post my comments on both parks than.
  • Liampie%s's Photo

    You've got to be kidding me.... we're facing the seccond best park of the week again!

    How do you know already? :) There are four other teams out there with probably great parks too!
  • Roomie%s's Photo
    Christ (pun intended) another good match up. i do like SSW but if i could vote i would still vote for The Afterlife. Im just more of a fantasy guy and some bits of SSW like the flier were just to messy for me. (yeah the irony :p ) the humour and the in-jokes in the afterlife are a winner for me too.
    LAA anyone?

    hopefully we should win this one. but a cracking matchup once again so congrats to the whzzkids for putting out a worthy contender.
  • Cocoa%s's Photo
    Afterlife was a great idea and heaven was well executed, but I thought Hell was slopppy and the isometric of the game confused me a little even though I realized hell was lower and heaven was higher. The 4d was also cool but a little awkward sometimes.\

    Sea world felt small, and so did the rides and architecture, although still nice. I couldn't really distinguish between the areas, but the park still looked good. The flyer was really cool and so was the rapids and stadium.

    Overall, I think sea world worked better and felt nicer so i voted for the whzz kids but both parks really had the same amount of pros and cons.

    EDIT: Rather, that's who I would have voted for. Its saying my code is wrong...

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