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    Finals | Grand Final

    Whzz Kids
    "Worlds of Tim Burton"

    Match Decision
    Hurricanes win by forfeit
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    "Worlds of Tim Burton"
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    HAH! Hahahahahha

    BTW this Tim Burton park looks pretty epic.

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    I don't see any harm in posting these now the match decision is there.

    Posted Image

    and this to explain the themes.

    Posted Image

    Just to clear this up before its stated, the Hurricanes DID NOT want a forfeit. We wanted the best competition possible and I mean that.
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    JK, who did what?

    BTW I don't think Whzzkidz could have done anything to win against that park. I don't think there was a better park (in my opinion) this entire competition besides Roman Vice.

    Also if I was Geewhzz I would probably kill myself after playing the best season of H2H anyone has ever played just to see his team fail to create a park in the end(if that is what really happened)

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    Oh my fucking god. One forfeit during the whole contest, in the FUCKING finals!
    What happened, Whzz Kids? I'm not mad, just dissapointed...

    And congratulations to the Hurricanes, I guess... I'll review the park later. It looks great! Well done on this park and the victory.

    edit: Just noticed the Edward Scissorhands area; brilliant!

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    That is a fucking good park, Hurricanes. SO much content.

    Having said that, I would have loved to see much more of Sweeney Todd, that's one of my favorite themes. Personal opinion, though.
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    Oh yeah baby!!
    Go Canes!

    Guys, you know I would've loved to work on this with you! It's such an epic park that you created and the Whzz Kids wouldn't have had a chance to beat this piece of goodness anyway!
    Heads up even if you didn't get the kind of victory that you wanted to get because you won the fucking HEAD TO HEAD FINALS!!! Ooh yeah!!
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    I'm shocked!

    On one hand to see Whzzkids forfeit after their great victorious season and on the other hand to see such an awesome TIM BURTON park in the finals - great work guys!

    I will post my thoughts later.

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    holy crap, this is amazing.
    i'm sad i wont get to see another whzzkids park, but even so, amazing job canes.

    i'm happy:]

    edit: wow, the big fish area is spot on. really nice idea there:]

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    Where's K0NG now?
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    "We are the champions, my friends
    And we'll keep on fighting - till the end
    We are the champions
    We are the champions
    No time for losers
    Cause we are the champions - of the world"

    Well my fellow Hurricanes it has been an awesome season and regardless of how we won, we did it! I had a blast build with Fisch, Gwazi, and Dr Dirt; really guys, it was an honor. I Also want to thank Kaptain Kumba for keeping us in line and making sure we finished every single park we had to give out. Big thanks to every member of the Hurricanes for commenting and helping out everyone else on all of their parks while each one was being created. You guys are awesome and I extremely happy to have had the privilege to be on this team!


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    never expected this outcome in the finals and I had just asked geewhzz last night when this matchup was gonna be posted.
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    This is pretty sad, especially for gee, who played the best H2H season anyone ever has (including Ed)..
    But what happened? I see J K saying something about the Canes not wanting a forfeit, so did you guys hand it in too late?

    Onto the Tim Burton park.. I must admit I'm a huuuuge fan of all of Tim Burtons work and have seen his films (especially Nightmare Before Christmas (best movie ever) and Edward Scissorhands) a couple of times.. But there were a couple of things that bothered me.. First, the mountain in NBC could've done a lot better (assuming that black 'thing' made out of deco blocks represents it).. It is the most recognizable feature of that whole movie imo, and it deserves a much better representation..

    I also thought it was all too cramped.. Maybe just cut some themes like Planet of the Apes, Sleepy Hollow or Big Fish and spread it out more.. Now it destroys some of your aesthetics, flow and layout of the park.. The architecture was beautiful in places though, kudo's for that..

    The theme choice was weak too imo.. There are much better themes in Burton's resume than for example Planet of the Apes, Sleepy Hollow or Big Fish.. It would be better to have chosen Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice or Pee Wee's Big Adventure (could've created an elaborate bike ride through a city for example and create his weird house).. Those are some signature weird Tim Burton movies which would've provided a great playing field for your imagination. Those last 2 are also movies in Burton's beginning of his career, so it would make more sense to have them.
    Also, if you're including not yet released movies, why not make an Alice in Wonderland area, and Frankenweenie.. AiW would be epic to see done in RCT2 ala Burton.. And Frankenweenie was his first released (short) movie I believe and now he is making a feature film out of it..

    As for the custom music, why not picking some of Danny Elfman's better scores? I always thought CatCF's score was pretty weak in comparison to the NBC, Edward Scissorhands or Corpse Bride scores.. That would've add so much more atmosphere to the park..

    The naming was also kinda bad.. Sorry guys, but calling the coaster in NBC zero makes sense, but where's Jack?!? Other areas also have random names like for example "Escape" in PotA.. I guess you guys rushed it, because there are also some tiles that are unused/unfinished like the checkered tiles on the right side bordering the NBC area..

    I feel kinda bad ripping on your park like this, and don't get me wrong, I loved the theme and the atmosphere was pretty good, I just feel that with the Final match the quality should be top-notch which this for me unfortunately isn't..

    The rides were pretty good though, and also the architecture.. There are also lots of details, which I enjoyed to check out.. The references to the movies that are in the park, are pretty good though.. Especially CatCF..

    All in all, a nice park, but not the best of the season unfortunately..

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    wait, what?
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    Where's K0NG now?

    Who knows.
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    First of all, congratulations to the Hurricanes. Great park, too bad we couldn't have had a great final matchup.
    As for our park......Here's the deal.

    Last Sunday, three days prior to the deadline, I encountered an error trapper in our finals park that I could not, to save my life, figure out the cause of. I tried everything I could think of....deleting rides one by one, restoring anything that had been manipulated, everything that could POSSIBLY be the cause. I tried going back to previous saves but, eventually the ET would pop up again. So, I could pretty much pinpoint when it was going to occur but, it was occurring anyway. I posted in our team forums asking (begging) for advice on how to fix this and couldn't come up with anything (Gee was away and was probably the only one that could have come up with a fix for this). So, instead of rebuilding huge parts of the park only to get hit with the ET again, I went back to the last save I had that I KNEW wasn't corrupt. Unfortunately, that took out about a third of the park. I tried like hell to build it back but, there was really no way I was going to rebuild what took about three weeks to accomplish in three days. I tried.....put in 8-10 hours a day (15 hours on Tuesday) but, I knew the Hurricanes would put out a fantastic park and that two-thirds of our park with a shitload of 'filler' wasn't going to stand a chance. I begged for an extension...but, since we had already used ours, I was told that it was either a pre-deadline save or none at all. I REALLY thought about the whole ordeal and decided that I'd rather have to forfeit than to put out a mediocre, rushed to complete park and get trounced.

    After looking through the Hurricanes park, I can say I was right....had I rushed a bunch of crap into the park just to make the deadline, it would have been a landslide. Especially considering that, in the rush to beat the deadline, I had to choose what attractions I'd be able to rebuild and what I'd have to omit. One of the main attractions were dueling inverts that, between re-landscaping and constructing and theming the rides again to the level that they were previously at would just not be possible in the allotted time. So, I replaced them with dueling S&S Towers that, while nice...were just not the same.

    Anyway...I'm going to finish the park properly and release it here soon, possibly for an accolade or something but, you all will be able to at least see what the final would have been. I don't think it would have been anything BUT a great, close matchup.

    The park is "Ozark: Disney Hills" and is based on elderly Jed Clampett investing his billions into Disney stock and becoming a major shareholder, deciding to give back to the folks where he was raised and building a Disney park in the Ozark mountains. Even featuring the old shack he lived in when he discovered oil in his backyard.
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    Damn I'm sorry to hear that :/