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    Is this considered finished? Where's the operator booth, the exit? Why is such a prominent ride so far away from everything (or so it seems). Where's the life?

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    Actually, the park entrance is just to the bottom of the pic. Exit is also just out of frame (you can see the break in the fence and the corner of a path in the bottom edge of the picture.) Op booth, I need to implement that.

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    Maybe make the platform more round in shape. Trim the corners and make it all way more interesting. Details like lights and loose article shelves. That stuff does wonders. (as well as foliage, more of that please)

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    Should I cover the gridded area in paths or just keep it as-is?

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    As is doesn't bother me. I'm more bothered by how huge (and boring) the platform is.

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    This is indeed the largest flatride in RCT history. There's so many tiles you can cut away from the platform. Add some features like nin said, perhaps some theming because it's maximum sterility right now, and if it's possible replace the too thick monorails rings by a thinner ring that actually looks like it could be lifted. Steeplechase or bicycle track would work great here.

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    Take more time before showing screens. Resist the urge to want to show every single thing right away. 

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    One issue Liampie - Steeplechase and Cycle Monorail track do not have large turns, which I need for this (it uses large turns for the inner rings - what you see now is a primary ring of medium turns connected by straight segments and a secondary ring made of 4 monorails, each one a 90 degree large turn that intersect at their ends (zero clearance.)

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    Definitely a good job of sculpting the track and scenery; the ride structure looks like it would work.  Try checking out the Windseeker platforms for an idea of where the platform/boarding area stops:



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    Giga Co. and Funtime have worked together to present the Super Flyer!


    -Gondola structure completely redesigned for toughness in weather

    -Seats going both forwards and backwards

    The first installation of the Super Flyer has just finished construction at the park now known only as "Project Mythology." It will be the tallest ride in the park. In the background, you can see the park's flagship coaster, Runaway Minotaur, as it dives into the valley near the park.

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