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    Here's a tip, why don't you just finish something and post a screen that speaks for itself, instead of posting a screen with a shitload of text and explanation every hour.

    Quality over quantity man, you used almost ten screens to show something that you could have shown in two screens if you'd finish it.

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    You're too eager and desperate to post screens and therefore not spending much time on the RCT work itself. Like all your other work it looks like did this in five minutes. Put some actual effort in it before you show something... Are you even trying?

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    You know, I build and build but can't get a good setting. I'm just bad at the game. Maybe a design would be better so I could focus on one ride. I do have a good dueling invert in my saves folder, so maybe I could put Mythology on hold.

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    Well dont give up, just try, try and try more and evantually you will get better.

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    Try a design. Sometimes it is easier to focus yourself and keep inspiration going that way. Play for a few hours, finish as much as you can, and then post it. You don't necessarily have to tear down everything if we don't like it, the point is that you're gaining experience with the game.

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    What is wrong with this? Is it my foliage? That's my weak spot.

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    The foliage is just "some trees" at the moment. The problem is more acutely composition (something I personally struggle with). You have competing scales for various elements and relative positions. Try to condense things. LL is usually at its best when it's slightly chaotic and just claustrophobic enough to make you hunt for the details. Try to force yourself to make the coasters interact more with the midways.

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    These are the 3 star rides of of Project Mythology.

    Left- Runaway Minotaur - 7-inversion, terrain B&M floorless, the longest coaster in Project Mythology. Its elements, in order are-
    -Jojo roll (barrel roll before lift, partially enclosed)
    -Vertical loop
    -Cobra roll
    -Block brake
    -Interlocking corkscrews
    -360 degree helix

    Top-center-Zeus (to be renamed) - the super-tall Starflyer with a custom gondola designed by GigaCo. It goes up to 60 LL units (hardcoded height limit) and has forwards and backwards seats. It is the tallest ride in Project Mythology. Here, you can see the little bit of decoration I've put in since last time you saw it. Loose article shelves and an operator booth are two things that were suggested, but I've also renovated Zeus as part of the ongoing redecoration of the park

    Right - Starting in the harbor of Crete, this Intamin "mini-mega" is guardian of the island is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the park. It is named for Talos, the bronze guardian of the island. Its 111ft drop sends riders into a circuit filled with airtime, culminating in an ending that flies over Crete's harbor. I would like to get your opinion on merging this ride onto steel mini coaster track to get it to look more Intamin-like.

    One more thing, the park is going to have a complete Ancient Crete/Minoan theme, so I'm thinking of naming the park King Minos' Playground (reflecting the grand scale of the king's "playground.") Stupid-sounding name to most, probably, but I think it sounds good.

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